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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Movie In My Head

It's spring and the temperature finally reaches an enjoyable average as the intermittent chills of the wind mixes with the pleasant warmth of the sun. After wandering around the dynamic streets and shops on the Left Bank with my camera, I found myself sitting on one of the ubiquitous benches at Place Saint-Sulpice. The majestic square is flanked by the towering Église Saint-Sulpice and a central sculptural fountain in which water flows off the side like layers of flawless clingfilm. 

The romance of the square is accentuated by the low rays of the sun that seem to glow off the intricate architectural façade of the church and the surrounding Haussmannian buildings that form this little piece of heaven. In the air, I can smell the slight humidity from the fountain and the scent of the first batch of fresh leaves that are starting to replenish the bare trees. The European atmosphere comes to life with the sound of peaceful chiming church bells, falling water, flocking pigeons and intermittent voices of French people. Kids, tourists, youngsters and lovers loiter around to take advantage of the week long beautiful weather.

There, while people watching, I notice the considerable amount of good-looking men that traverse the square. However in particular, I couldn't keep my sights off a very well dressed guy at a distant bench who was deeply into his book. He lifts his head once in a while to look around but dives right back in almost immediately. It took him a while before he caught my eyes and realised that I've actually been looking at him. 

We continue to exchange long and daring glances across the square. The distance certainly made it much easier and less shy. This went on until a point where I was distracted by something else and while looking back at his direction, the bench was now empty and he was gone. Feeling a little disappointed by his absence, I curiously turn my head in search of him but there were no signs. 

Suddenly, he approaches my bench out of nowhere, gave me a slight smile, sat down and continue reading his book without saying a word. Now sitting at the other end of my bench and next to me, he is gorgeously cute up close. A few more preliminary smiles and glances, I finally picked up the courage and initiated verbal contact in which he reciprocates. That’s how our encounter unexpectedly began. 

As time passes, we bonded very well. He was French and I was the Francophile, therefore our days of getting to know each other better, are spent at cafés, parks, museums, sitting along the banks of the Seine and in his apartment. In fact, he helps me with my French and I feel much more confident now that I have someone special to tutor me while we spend time together in between playful advances and kisses. We touch, tease, cuddle and wrestle like two boys and best friends in a fraternity.

Finally, it's been weeks since we first met and we are slowly but consistently falling deeper into each other with each passing week. Our trust started building its foundation and I feel much more confident with him by my side. After a nice weekend brunch, we took a promenade and found ourselves lying together on one of the secluded grass patches of the Champ de Mars, a renowned park in the city. There, we talked almost about everything and also equally enjoyed the comfortable silence between us. It was our world, just the two of us. While fiddling with each other’s fingers, I put my arm over his chest and parked my head between his neck and shoulder. Apart from his cologne, I could smell him, his scent, it's very him and it's a scent I've grown to love. Our faces touch as we exchange subtle whispers and smooches. 

We are nothing more than two guys who share a strong bond, a piece of each other's heart. Embracing him, I finally know what a relationship feels like, and how nice it feels to share my life with somebody. As the smell of wood and fresh grass permeates through the air, we doze off together right there, near a tree. We lay there like we had all the time in the world before the weekend ends and Monday starts to take its usual toll on us: an adult life I finally share with my guy. 

[This movie might never happen to me, but it helps keep me alive and positive. It gives me hope that I will soon return and eventually find something so much more.]

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