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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

How to Use the Law of Attraction by WikiHow

Here is a really good article by WikiHow on how to use or apply the Law of Attraction effectively in your life. The pictorial illustrations in this write up make for a good reminder and visual guide on how to ask the universe for your dreams. 

Many crucial key points are written under the Tips and Warnings section at the bottom of the article. Click HERE to visit the page. I hope this helps.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Recognising Scarcity Mentality and Beliefs

I was first introduced to the concept of the scarcity mentality and our tendency as human beings to believe in scarcity about two years ago. Whereby if someone lives my dream or that if someone is successful, there won't be enough left for me, and I won't have mine.

That concept came along when I was trying to understand how to logically apply the Law of Attraction in life. Many of us tend to fail in our ability to ask for the things we want from the universe, is because deep down, there is a contradictory belief in scarcity. Whereby, we want to believe that the things we ask for will come, but at the back of our head, there is that voice of doubt and the willingness to believe in not having.

The following segment from a discussion on television was the light bulb moment which helped me understand my own tendency to believe in scarcity, whereby the things I want wouldn't manifest itself because a part of me is going: "Come on! Really?"

"You say that the universe has more than enough to give to everybody who asks. When you say it like that, people are like: 'Well I'm askin, I'm askin, I'm askin, but I'm not gettin it?' "

Law of Attraction Expert:
"Well people have a tendency to believe in lack, limitation and scarcity. They may say I want a beautiful life, a magnificent life full of love harmony and prosperity, but underneath there's a belief in scarcity."

"They believe in what I was saying earlier, if I can just make it to the end of the week."

Law of Attraction Expert:
"If I could make it to the end of the week, if I could just survive, if I could just make it. We live in a for lack of a better word, a multi-dimensional universe. Everything is energy, energy is never destroyed, never created, and it becomes exactly what you put your attention onAnd there is enough for everyone. "

"So with that awareness it eliminates competition, eliminates stealing, eliminates people plundering other people's stuff, it eliminates jealousy, envy, greed, because there is more than enough good on this planet for every single being."

Monday, 21 July 2014

Night Walk Near the Football Field

In my neighbourhood, there is a very large private football field that belongs to the football club of a very well known multinational company in the country. Their employees and players often come here at night for after-dinner games and practices.

Tonight, as I was walking my dog in the area, I saw that the field was brightly lit and getting prepped for a casual game. Players and people involved were slowly arriving with their cars and motorcycles. 

Then as I turned a particular corner with my dog, I noticed a dark and amazingly athletic guy walking on the opposite side of the road towards the players' tent. As usual, I checked him out religiously like a gay high school student. Staring at him and trying to get some eye-contact, but unfortunately he was immune. Aw my straight athletic guys and their elitist attitudes. So confidently self-absorbed but yet so hot.

I passed by the players' tent and there were more hot guys getting ready in there. I stayed close and stole glances at the men while my dog roamed closely on his own. Some were shirtless, displaying sweaty, muscular and athletic physiques. And some looked good in their tight football jerseys and knee-high socks. It was a very attractive and hormonal-awakening sight. I felt the inner lascivious pervert jump out and overrode whatever mode I was in as it carried on staring, hungrily and surreptitiously like a gay high school student.

As I decided to leave, I spotted this cute good-looking guy walking towards the trailer in my direction. "Oh my god! Cute good-looking guy walking, one o'clock! The way he struts with a sports bag over his right shoulder and the confidence he displayed, it was out of this world and the package was very attractive to me.

He spotted my dog and smiled to it, keeping his eyes on my furry sibling as he continued to walk without acknowledging me. Yes, I have a very good-looking dog that often captures the attention of passersby.

"Come on baby, look at me. Look over here", the inner gay man in me plays the game. Still he didn't seem to want to take his eyes off my dog and acknowledge 'the owner'. Then just when I thought he was going to look at my direction, he looked away and disappeared into the tent without so much as giving me a look.

He knew I was there, damn! I left feeling a little rejected. It made me feel like I was the invisible boy from school all over again, bringing back emotions of unworthiness and not-being-good-enough.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Half-Boner at a Clothing Store

Last weekend, I was hanging out at the mall with my friend and we were in a clothing store. While she was busy selecting a birthday gift for her brother, I wandered on to another section of the outlet and found myself inspecting some very sleek-looking men’s formal dress shirts.

As I ran my fingers along the fabric and examined the cutting of various shirts hanging off the rack, I got turned on. Yes, I felt mentally and sexually aroused just by checking out men’s formal shirts. I felt the tool in my pants stirred half-way to life.

I'm not sure if antidepressant medications are still the reason behind my heavily dampened and recently affected sex drive, but for a while now, I haven’t been feeling very connected and in sync with my libido. Hence, you can imagine how confused I was at the sudden unexpected reaction in my pants. 

“Okay, that’s weird. I’m getting turned on just by checking out men's formal wear. Am I missing something here?"

Not that I've never been aware about my inexplicable fetish for guys in formal attires and uniforms, along with that romantic fantasy about sharing a master bedroom walk-in closet filled with shirts belonging to me and my boyfriend. But this? A half-boner in a clothing store while checking out shirts? This is new.

As I delve further into what could be the larger picture or desires behind that reaction, I sort of came to the deduction that either I need to get myself laid again, or that deep down, I’m actually yearning to be lovingly attached with someone. A guy I’m fond of.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Things Which Matter Most

"Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least." - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe