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Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Time I Met A Good-Looking Stage Actor

This post was an unfinished write up from events that happened in 2014 in Australia, but never published. So here is the updated and completed version.
    "Aw thank you honey that is so sweet. That's the first time anyone has ever paid for my coffee", he said.
    "What? Come on. You're lying," I said.
    "No that's true. Whenever I go out and meet guys, I always end up paying for the coffee. It's nice to finally have someone buy me coffee for a change."
    "You know I find that a little hard to believe considering how good-looking you look but that's okay, it's my pleasure." I smiled and chastised myself internally at the same time for being so foolishly upfront about my attraction towards him.

We were leaving the café after three enjoyable hours of getting to know each other over coffee. The guy was a beautiful stage actor I first got in touch with on Grindr a few weeks back. I was in my guy crazy irrational mode that evening, cruising incessantly and chatting to every doable profile I can find, only to have wasted almost two to three hours of my life without anything materialising. But it wasn't until this afternoon while at the State Library of Victoria and having forgotten all those contacts from that night, I received an unexpected text from him on my WhatsApp asking me what's up.

I replied spontaneously and before I knew it, I've scored an impromptu coffee date with him within an hour. He asked me in our chat if I remembered what he did for a living and I said yeah, your name is X and you're in the arts. And quite good-looking too, my memory recalls in an evil laughing voice.

"Bingo! Ten points!" was his reply and I found that rather amusing. At three o'clock, I walked down the street and finally met up with the tall and noticeably good-looking stage actor. I was very happy but at the same time had a great ten second laugh in my head.

All this time I've been wishing to go on a date with someone good-looking within my desired age range. Then out of the blue, the universe makes that happen. We get what we want, but not without an interesting twist. And the twist here was that the masculine looking stage actor was very animatedly expressive in an effeminate way.

During the first few minutes together, I couldn't stop smiling uncontrollably to myself. Not because I have a problem with who he is or how he chooses to carry himself, but I was amused at the universe for how it was indirectly trying to teach me that in life, it is perfectly possible for one to get what one asks for, but perhaps not in the exact manner or package we always expect. Hah, I really did not see this coming.

The coffee date with him was amazing. We talked and I asked a lot of questions about his job and his life. Let me just say, he truly is one of the most interesting characters I've met to date. He was soulful, original, dramatic in a hillarious way and a good conversationalist. At five o'clock we parted ways due to prior commitments but was excited at the prospect of getting together again at his home the following day.

A few days later, I found myself knocking on his door on a cold chilly evening. I couldn't understand why was I feeling so particularly happy and excited that I was going to see this guy again. The fact that he was kinda hot made it reason number one. The second reason would be that I actually really like talking and being around him.

I knocked and he gave me a hug. God he smells so good. No cologne, but amazing natural body scent. My inner vampire was starting to awaken. We kicked things off with a brief tour of his home of which he shares with two other stage actors. It was nice to see my stage actor in his own home environment.

    "Are they gay too?"
    "Yes of course," he replied with a big smile.
    "Ever had a 'thing' for any of them?" I teased with a slight kiddie grin.
   "Well one of them is my best friend. His name is Y and he's like my husband. Nothing sexual at all. He and I would talk, I would sleep in his room and he would sleep in mine. I mean we're both just extremely close. Can't imagine my life without him. He's incredibly successful as a stage actor and he's got this mini-empire thing going on for himself."
    "Wow", I said.
   "Yeah", he nods with big excited eyes. "You should see his closet, it's the most amazing one ever. With shoes and shirts in every colour, arranged OCD-ly in a spectrum. See?"
    "Oh my God, I'm so jealous I want this. It's all so neatly arranged like the colour palette on Adobe's Creative Design Suite."
    "Hm-mm. Didn't I tell you?" He smiled with teeth.

We then adjourned to the living room where he introduced me to the vast collection of DVD movies sitting on the shelf. 

   "So would you like to watch a movie darling? Let's pick a title and go watch it in my room."
    "Uh yeah. Sure. What would you like to watch?"  I asked.
    "I don't know. You're the guest honey so I thought I'd let you pick."
    "Why don't you pick and I'll just go along with it?"
    "Hmm okay. Let's... watch... this one! Come on," and we went into his room.

I was a little confused. Are we really going to watch a movie? Maybe he really meant it when he said 'movie'. I probably shouldn't even be hoping for sex right? After all that good energy that has transpired between us? I should feel lucky that I'm already having such a good time with this guy in terms of connecting with him. But damn it. We don't have a lot of time left and I certainly don't wanna waste it watching some motion picture when I can use it to talk.

We went into his room, parked ourselves horizontally on his double bed and started to play the DVD on his laptop. We laid next to each other and all I could do was swerve my eyes sideways to look at him from his porcelain side. His skin, his ear and his neck.

We weren't even two minutes into the film when I opened my mouth and started to engage in a conversation again, completely disregarding the movie as it continued to play on the laptop. Surprisingly, my strategy worked and we were completely engrossed with talking to each other in bed that it didn't matter.

As usual, I loved every minute of our therapeutic conversations. We talked about love, relationships, acting, philosophy, horoscopes and anything else that freely comes to mind. We swapped gay stories and also about general past encounters with guys.

Now here comes the interesting part. While chit-chatting, he and I were sharing a packet of Peanut M&Ms. Yes, the one with the yellow wrapper. He was seated in a cross-legged position with his upper dancer body towering over my head as I continued to lay flat on his arousing bed.

"Here", he said as he spontaneously lifted a blue M&M above my face and dropped it directly into my mouth. "Let me show you", he uttered as he placed another M&M firmly grasped on his own gorgeous lips and leaned down to me.

The entire thing happened so fast that it wasn't until our lips came together and I was breathing in his arousing scent that my mind registered what was actually going on. I accepted the M&M and kissed him back. After a few smooches, he smiled and said: "Yes you can chew now". I giggled on the inside with joy like a teenage girl.

Man, that was one of the most exciting and playful kisses I've ever had a guy do to me so far. I blushed with amusement and quickly finished the M&M before I sat up and we were both caressing and making out again. 

Oh my God, I'm kissing him. I'm kissing him! I can't believe that I'm finally kissing this guy! This good-looking stage actor with a hard dancer body and smells divine. Thank you God for this moment. This is for all the years of pain, fear and inadequacy I have ever felt in school and in my entire life for my homosexual desires and for capitulating to the thought that no guy I lust after will ever 'see' me.

He was so good at his craft that I felt conscious about my own part and knew that I was just an average kisser to him. But I didn't care. This is my moment, and I might not have this opportunity again so I am just going to enjoy myself with him. I could smell his pleasant scent wafting around which made the kiss even more arousing and exciting.

Once our clothes started to come off, he moved over and turned off the bedside lamp, leaving only the blue-light emanating from the laptop to illuminate whatever that is left of us. The candidate has an amazingly toned and athletic body, a great supplement that evidently comes from having to perform on stage.

We continued to kiss, caress, frot and did everything else one could enjoy in bed. I was so happy with the way my evening was going even before it ended. After about thirty minutes of fun and physical love, I came. My essence was splattered all over his sheets, headboard and wall.

    "Aah shit! Shit! I'm so sorry I didn't realise I was going to come a geyser. Damn. That was unexpected", I apologised in slight embarrassment.
     "It's okay, don't worry about it." He said.

Although he himself came and had a good time, but I knew deep down that he's had better kisses and encounters. That made me feel a little insecure and inadequate about my bed skills, but I told myself that everything is a learning curve and if I'm not competent enough, I will just have to meet more guys or put more sex into practice. 

After our fun, my hunger started to set in having not eaten anything prior to meeting him. I asked if he had anything to eat and we rummaged through his kitchen cabinets and found left over bread, biscuits and peanut butter. He made me a cup of tea and we went to sit next to the fire place in the living room while savouring our snacks over heart-to-heart conversations again. Winter still wasn't technically over in the southern hemisphere in October so the fire certainly provided a cozy environment.

Now that sex was away and done with, I was able to concentrate better during our fireside chit-chats without constantly getting distracted with the thought of if we'll get to have sex. Oh wait a minute M, who are we kidding? Even after the sex, we couldn't stop thinking about the possibility of going back to bed and cuddling up to him like a spoilt partner.

We talked more about the many subjects that interest us. But one of the most memorable topics of our conversation that stuck in my head before I left was that we were discussing about people and how challenging it is to live in a world of opinions and under public scrutiny. Of which the following dialogue took place.

    "What people think of you..." he quizzes while looking at my eyes. 
    "Is none of your business", I finished with a satisfactory smirk.
    "But how people treat you is", he adds with a huge smile and an enthusiastic nod. A few seconds of silence fell over us before I continued.
   "Hah! That's good. Good food for thought", I teased as I absorbed the truth in those words. What people think of you is none of your business, but how people treat you is.

Finally, it was time to go before the last inter-suburban train leaves from that particular station back into the city. So we hugged at the door and I just couldn't resist one last lingering smooch on those soft pillow lips of his before I left. God he smells divine and those lips and shoulders feel like heaven.

After that encounter, I never got to meet up with him again before I departed from Australia. That was back in 2014. Fast forward to about six months ago in December 2015 when I happened to be back again in that city for two weeks, I pressured him excitedly for a meet as I really liked his company and was hoping for a catch up. But unfortunately, his will to see me never came to fruition for whatever reason or lack of priority. Initially I was a little frustrated, but decided then to give him his space. I do still think about him every now and then and hope that our paths will cross again as friends.


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