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How to Use Gay Apps to Find Potential Possibilities?

Back in 2011 when I was struggling to come to terms with my homosexuality, I wish somebody would have introduced me to the concept of using gay mobile apps to break into gay life. Whether if it's to find potential love, dates, friends or casual fun, the idea is simply about casting a wider fishing net on an avenue for which experiences and things could potentially find its way to us.

Although I'm not saying that one should at the convenience of digital technology in the 21st century, abandon the idea of physically going out there to meet guys in gay bars or public establishments, but merely suggesting that this might be a less daunting option for those who are still having trouble with their sexuality to take a look around. 

So here I am writing this with the hope that it'll help some new guy out there who is scared or going through a tough time. I live in a country where homosexuality is taboo, therefore if I can escape internet censorship through my smartphone, these apps should probably work even for you.

All you need is a smartphone with access to good internet connection and you can take advantage of these geosocial networking applications for free. Bear in mind that these apps are merely suggestions based on my experience and I am not endorse them by any official means.

1. Grindr
The most popular and well-known gay cruising app in the world, used mainly by guys who are in search of other men for casual fun within a certain distance. Grindr has an amazingly wide network of users, including those living at the far end corners of the globe. Don't sneer at the mostly superficial and sex-oriented nature of this application, for amidst the occasional discriminatory and self-centered profiles or douchebags, there are unexpected moments where people do meet potential partners and good friends.

2. Jack'd
Jack'd is similar to Grindr, but allows more text and a total number of 3 public pictures onto your profile. It has a private picture gallery for which you can choose to unlock for viewing whenever a passing candidate interests you.

3. Hornet
Hornet is the new cleverly designed gay app that is a true rival to both Grindr and Jack'd. The social networking brand itself has an enjoyable user interface that is both modern and professional. Hornet allows its users to post more than one public photo on their profiles, with also a very convenient private gallery that can be unlocked with consent. And the best part? There is no limit as to the number of guy thumbnails that can appear on your screen.

4. Gaydar (Desktop site available)
Founded by two South African guys based in London, England, is a brilliant online dating website for men in search of other men. With an extensive user base from around the world, it is a good dating site with interesting profiles for both lust and love. The guest accounts are free, but features are limited in terms of what you can do. Registered memberships that come with a subscription fee allows its members full access to all functions and even chat rooms. The newly released gaydar mobile app is a convenient extension of the Gaydar website, giving you additional convenience to cruise wherever, whenever which is their motto.

5. Manhunt (Desktop site available)
Manhunt seems to have more physically attractive profiles from where I currently live. It is a traditional web-based dating platform where the dashboard and user interface is not very efficient, but not too bad either. You can send each other messages that work like emails but no instant chat if you're not a paid member. Good private and public photo galleries to use and unlock at your disposal.

6. Scruff
Scruff has a good number of hot guys, jocks and also bears, all of whom are widely present on this app. Scruff is pretty much similar to Grindr, with only one profile photo allowed. However surprisingly for a simple gay cruising app, Scruff grants its users the avenue to explain themselves at length on their profile, with plenty of information available.

7. Planet Romeo / Gay Romeo (Desktop site available)
Headquartered in Germany, this popular European gay dating site for relationships and for casual fun has grown significantly to accommodate over a million users speaking different languages around the world. It is a web-based dating site with a cluttered dashboard and control panel. Planet Romeo and Gay Romeo is the same thing and their mobile app is an extension of your online profile. The problem with their app is the non-existent straight forward way to block someone if needed.

8. Fridae (Desktop site available)
A Hong Kong based company that caters mainly to Asian gay culture and LGBT communities all over the world. It is a dating platform used mainly by gay guys within the continent, and also non-Asian men who are interested in Asian men. Fridae has a complicated website dashboard and a visually unimpressive mobile app, but it works well to get you connected to the people you need.

9. Growlr
For those who identify themselves as bears or lovers of bears, Growlr is definitely the app for you. The brand has recently been gaining a steady increase in its user base from all over the world. I relate this app very much to Scruff and Hornet in terms of user friendliness, visual interface and also ease of use. 

10. Bender
Bender is an upcoming app that is slowly gaining attention. It works exactly like Grindr, Scruff, Hornet and Jack'd, using a geographical location of your smartphone to get you in touch with other users within proximity. I am not sure if the upgraded paid version called Bender X is good, but the free account allows one profile photo and a few short lines of stats to make your case.

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