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Recommended E-Books and Films to Help You Get Comfortable With Your Sexuality

I'm writing this to be included as part of the chronology. The ensuing weeks after having admitted to being gay and discovering the Gay Banker, I felt really low and depressed. It was then that I started watching a couple of gay themed movies in order to convince myself that everything was going to be okay and that things will get better. This method also played a vital role in the extermination of uneasiness and guilt within myself.

I am no film or book expert, and this journal does not seek to promote any particular motion picture or literary work, but merely suggesting that gay-themed books and films are a useful way to broaden up the mind during your bad period. One that helps form an integral part of the journey to coming-out and accepting yourself.


There's no point listing every gay film because the choices are endless. So here's my list of some good worthy-mentions to help with the coming out, and with being okay with yourself. You will find that the more films you watch, the more baggage you will learn to let go.

• Prayers For Bobby (US, 2009)
• Shelter (US, 2007)
• Ciao (US, 2008)
• Juste une question d'amour - Just a question of love (France, 2000)
• À cause d'un garçon - You'll get over it (France, 2002)
• Get Real (UK, 1998)
• Mulligans (Canada, 2009)
• Is It Just Me (US, 2010)
• Edge of Seventeen (US, 1998)
• Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (US, 1998)
• Longtime Companion (US, 1989)
• Children of God (Bahamas, 2010)
• Sasha (Germany, 2010)
• Shank (UK, 2009)
• Do Começo ao Fim - From Beginning to End (Brazil, 2009)
• Going Down in LA-LA Land (US, 2011)
• Redwoods (US, 2009)
Wu Yan - Speechless (China, 2012)
• Notre Paradis (France, 2010)
• The Men Next Door (US, 2012)
• Amphetamine (Hong Kong, 2010)
• All Over The Guy (US, 2001)
• Christopher and His Kind (UK, 2011)
• Role Play (US, 2010)
• Make the Yuletide Gay (US, 2009)

For an extensive list of international or worldwide gay cinema, [ Gay Celluloid ] is a good site.


• Will & Grace (US, 1998 - 2005)
This ground-breaking American sitcom with central gay characters opened me up so much and help untangled a lot of knotted up emotions when I was younger. Until this very day, I am extremely thankful for this show because it truly helped kids like me get through. The show constantly filled me with a lot of positivity and laughter in a period where being gay was low.

• Queer As Folk (US, 2000 - 2005)
I think this is a very interesting TV series to watch for people who would like to learn more about life within the gay community. The story is about a group of gay guys and a lesbian couple living in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. This is addictive for guys in search of a good storyline that is intertwined with complicated gay friendships, vulgar sex scenes and good drama. Queer As Folk opened my eyes to many things I didn't know about living life as a gay man. It also made me learn more about myself and what being different means.


Goodreads ] is a great website that provides an extensive list of literary works from all genres, including gay fiction and gay books. Here, you'll find comprehensive reviews, rating scores and short synopsis by other readers in order to help choose the story of your taste. To see what I'm talking about, click here. The following is a few titles I've read.

• The Tin Star (J.L. Langley)
• The Broken H - Ranch Series (J.L. Langley)
• Faith & Fidelity (Tere Michaels)
• Without Reservations (J.L. Langley)
• Special Delivery (Heidi Cullinan)
• Caught Running (Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux)
• Grey's Awakening (Cameron Dane)
A Younger Man (Cameron Dane)
Promises (Marie Sexton)
Hot Head (Damon Suede)
• Str8te Boys (Evangeline Anderson)
• I'll Be Your Drill, Soldier (Crystal Rose)
• Always (Kindle Alexander)

E-books are one of the most convenient ways of reading without having to buy the book. You can usually download the epub or pdf formats from third party websites and load them onto your personal smartphones, iPads or tablet computersI find this method particularly useful for those who wants to read discreetly. Many countries around the world do not have proper access to gay books or gay fiction. This is where torrent websites and the internet is your resource. I will further expand on how to do this later on.

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