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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Opening Up To Reader's Experience And Stories

I've been thinking lately about how this white space of mine could be used as a better resource to benefit others, in gay and in life. Therefore, I've decided to add a Reader's Experience & Stories option at the side bar. 

If you have a story, an experience or a problem that you think might help others who could relate to the tone of this journal, please feel free to write in. I will try my best to publish them only with the sender's permission. The Privacy Policy (refer to side bar) of this site automatically applies to every sender, unless specifically requested otherwise.

This option is also open to followers, non-gays, passers-by, or those who might not necessarily have their own writing space, but are open to sharing certain emotions and experiences. Don't worry about being shy because you'll never know if your story or writing could really help someone else reading this from another part of the world, wherever they are.

Send in your writing to: [ ]


  1. This is a really neat idea, way to go.

    1. Thanks Ian! Hopefully this will pave the way for future guys.