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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Getting To Know Some Of You

Here's a thought. I've never done a question post like this before, but I would genuinely like to get to know some of you out there in the world as a person. Therefore, feel free to let yourself go and be creative with these questions. It will also show us the kind of interesting like-minded guys that are out there.

1. If I told you now that you could plan an event or throw a party for yourself, at which everything else such as (cost, location, timing, people, transportation, food etc) is not an issue, elaborate on where and what kind of a party will it be?

2. Right this moment, what is the one thing you would most want to witness or experience before you die?

3. If you could invite 5 people, prominent or ordinary, dead or alive to all dine together at a table with you for 60 minutes, who will each of them be and why?

The more specific, the better. Write your thoughts on the comment box below, or send an email to:, whomever you are, whatever the sexual orientation. Anonymous contributions are welcome and interesting answers will be published.

Writers may choose to answer this on their own blog. Please provide a link to your post in the comment box below.


  1. Great questions. They will take a bit of thought...and I will have fun with them.

    The problem with the who-is-coming-to dinner question is that people whom you admire from a distance can be real duds up close and personal (sort of like 99% of on-line hook ups!) But you don't necessarily want to waste an opportunity inviting someone you already know who would be great company, on the chance that you might meet someone new who is equally interesting. Does it come down to deciding...? Such a dilemma. More to come.

    Oh, may I have ten for dinner?

    1. Hey, just enjoy yourself with these questions. It's meant to be fun and stimulating. Can't wait to see your answers!

      And I think 5 people should be more than enough to really filter out who and what's important to you. That is the thrill of the question.

  2. All right. Here goes...
    1. I considered a weekend at some destination resort for all the men I have been infatuated with (as opposed to crushed on or hooked up with)- maybe eight in all - just to see what has become of them and whether I still have feelings for them. However, I rejected that idea, because in one case it would be very awkward and in another, well, never mind. And who knows about the others. So, I came up with a week at an ocean or mountain resort for my entire extended family and a few select friends. The total is about 125 people and the age range is 90 to 3. Inter-generational activities would be mandatory.

    2. There are lots of places I would like to go (and many that I don't care about) but one of the highest priorities on my bucket list is a visit to the Bohemian Grove in California. Google it.

    3. You are a tough task master on the dinner list. Regrettably, because you limited the number to five, you will not get an invitation. Also, there are several people I would like to include because I already know that they are congenial, intelligent company and I haven't gotten enough of them,but given the rationing of chairs, they have to be snubbed as well. So here is who made the final cut:
    Winston Churchill,
    Claire Booth Luce,
    Meryl Streep,
    Tom Brady
    the blogger socrkid17.

  3. 1. It would be one of the atolls in Micronesia with all of my closest family and friends and about 300 strangers. I like to meet new people. It would be spread across multiple beaches and various music. It would be at least a week long event
    2. Going into space as an astronaut. And maybe an atmosphere jump.
    3. President Clinton, Princess Diana, Alexander The Great, Ben Franklin and Leonardo Di Vinci. I think it's pretty self explanatory. This would be an interesting dinner. I admire all of these people and I kinda want to do ATG

    1. Hello there, very nice answers! Thank you so much for taking the time to write them here.

  4. 1.The party most likely would not occur. (INTJ) If it did, it would be at a library, lab or computer room. And everybody sat around talking about M theory or cryptography


    3. Eduard von bock, Dennis Ritchie, Linus Torvalds, The RSA trio and Donald Knuth, Richard Stallman. Why(respectively): Eduard is a good friend, Dennis is the creator of C, Linus Torvalds created Linux, Rivest Shamir and Adleman created one of the best Encryption systems, Donald Knuth is a brilliant Computwr scientist and Richard Stallman is the liberator of the user.

    1. Hi there. Interesting choices you have there. Where are you from?