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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Reinforcing The Good To Eclipse The Bad

I've previously mentioned the Law Of Attraction, and experienced how this law manifested for me through constant visual reinforcement of a posterThis blog does not seek to promote any specific theories or philosophies, but merely discuss them through personal experiences.

The Law of Attraction certainly isn't the answer to everything in life, but merely one of the many natural laws that are at work in the universe.

In a nutshell, the Law of Attraction states that every positive and negative thought, conscious or unconscious including mental images that we conceive, will in return generate the same feelings and emotions that would trigger a manifestation, hereby attracting to you what you put out there. 

Reinforcing 'The Good', To Eclipse 'The Bad'

Now one of the most important concepts in the application of this law, is that it emphasizes on the constant introduction and reinforcement of everything that is good in our lives, to automatically eclipse the badI find the logic behind this theory very sensible and applicable to many aspects of the world that we live in.

The Secret states that we as human beings are encouraged to constantly reinforce our conscious good thoughts, such as a loving desire for something (for a dog, for someone else, for a hobby etc)to eclipse the mind from its unconscious bad thoughts such as a fear (of being robbed, of getting something you don't want etc).

The key here is that what you focus on, expands. Sometimes, we have no control over adversities, and the cons that came within whatever it is that came into our lives. But what we can do however, is focus and regulate the significance of each pros in each cons, the good in each bad.

I recently came across this phrase in a book which said something like: Sometimes we focus so much on repairing our faults which at best, would become mediocre at the end of the day. When actually, we should emphasize and fully enhance our strengths so that it automatically becomes the focus as it overlaps the bad.

This topic reminded me very much of a previous post, in which a wise friend of mine told me to focus on the good things in Beaker R to take my mind off the state of discontentment in Beaker L. It's all starting to make very clear sense to me. And being the philosophical minded junkie that I am, you can imagine how this law and its way of thinking is slowly starting to seep into my system.

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