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Monday, 16 November 2015

The Time I Had Fun In A Public Car Park

This post was written last year, but never published. So here it is.

It's been two weeks since my last sex date. Hence I was feeling restless and irritated. I wasn't expecting anything to materialise that afternoon when an unexpected 'Hi' came from this Dutch-Aussie profile on Grindr.

I couldn't remember what his display picture was, but I knew it was one of those attractive but risky pictures. Risky at the fact that they were quite blur and didn't fully outline exactly what I was walking into. We exchanged some short messages before I finally asked him what he was up to.

    "You really wanna know? I'm actually on my way to getting a blowjob from someone now. Just being honest here, lol", read his Grindr text bubble.
    "Damn! Someone beat me to it. You know what? When you're done with him, let's meet for round two", I replied.
    "Join us then! We're meeting at the car park next to McDonalds. We can all get together and suck each other off. Come on, the more the better."
     "Sure. That sounds fun! What's your number?"
     "No number dude. Just meet on the multi-level car park next to McDonalds now. Go up the ramp and find a white car."

It took me a while to decide properly if I was really going to go ahead with this, and I did. One of the biggest rules I live by is that I usually never agree on a sex date without first getting some form of legitimate phone number where I can call or at least a clear picture. But unfortunately this time, I was desperate for some action, any action at all. So I left the coffee house immediately and walked for about 10 minutes to the multi-level car park a few blocks away as agreed.

As I arrived, I walked up the ramp and started paying very close attention to anybody who was loitering around a white car as told. I've never done this before so you can imagine how leery I was regarding my surroundings. Then I came to the end of a wall, there was indeed a white car and a guy standing behind it but I wasn't exactly sure if he was the third party. He noticed the way I was pacing around the car park and immediately recognised that I was here for some fun.

     "Hey", he nodded his head in acknowledgement.
     "Hi", I walked up to him and introduce myself with a handshake.
     "So where is the other guy?" I asked.
     "He should be here any minute."
     "How long have you been waiting?"
     "I've been standing here rubbing my dick for a good twenty minutes."

This guy must be really horny, I thought. He wasn't the hot guy type, but he definitely has a cute face. 

     "So did he say where he was? I asked for a number but he wouldn't give me one", I told him.
     "Yeah me too. Do you still have him on your Grindr? Text him there and see what he says."

The Dutch-Aussie candidate was already offline but I left him multiple text bubbles. Then the third guy who was with me suggested that we wait inside the car instead of just standing around suspiciously. 

Within minutes after we got into the car, we could no longer hold our itchy hands to ourselves and started to touch each other. I would bent over and blow him and he would bend over and reciprocate enthusiastically at intervals. To be honest, I never expected an impromptu hook-up in a public car park to be so exciting and enjoyable. The guy has great oral and touching skills.

Sometimes we even had to momentarily suspend all activities when crowds of people would walk past our car on their way to theirs, and resume only when the coast is clear. At the rate we were going, we would have finished before the party was complete. So halfway through, we decided to stop and wait for the second guy to arrive.

After waiting for another 20 minutes with no reply, it dawned on us that the missing person who arranged this sex date in the first place wasn't going to show up. Which wasn't surprising considering all the signs that were pointing to this happening. So in the end we finished ourselves off without him in his white car. 

     "You sure it's okay that we finish off in your car, I don't want to make a mess out of it", I asked.
     "It's okay, it's rented", he said with a smile.
     "Yeah, I was going to drive up to my parents after this so it's a rented car."

The guy let me jerked myself off to ejaculation in the vehicle, but it was a small load so it was manageable with tissues. When I wanted to finish him off, he told me that as horny and as bad as hell he needs to come, his overwhelming need to pee since we met is preventing me from doing the job, otherwise he will really end up releasing more than he should and make an unwanted mess out of the situation.

Before we parted ways, I think I might have felt a moment in his eyes that he wanted to ask me for my contact, while at the same time, trying to work it out in his head if he should respect the principles of anonymity. But in the end, we went our separate ways. It wasn't only after it was all over that it hit me that the way the entire experience unfolded, I could have, in a moment of vulnerable desperation put myself in harm's way. I would like to remind other guys reading this to take mindful precaution rather than follow in my emotional foot step.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Time Someone Caught Me In The Public Bathroom

This post was written last year, but never published. So here it is.

The weirdest day just happened to me here in this city. The sky was blue, the sun was up, and the weather in a city where four seasons could hit in a day was at its most beautiful. There I was seated on the grass patch by the Yarra River on Boathouse Drive in Alexandra Gardens, trying to drink up the incredible skyline when I started to notice a couple of hot guys that were hanging about. 

First there was the very cute Aussie jock in a white working shirt and smooth grey slacks. If I'm not hallucinating, I might have caught a few glances from him but I can't be sure. By the looks of it, he was on his lunch break with another girl, in which they both took off their shoes in order to have their sandwiches seated on the grass. A guy who loses his shoes for the beauty of grass? Oh my God. That's the guy I want to marry.

Then came an amazingly tanned and athletic Asian guy who after a run, has decided to park himself between me and the cute Aussie jock in order to sunbath. He took off his sweaty shirt and laid himself on the grass to soak up the sun for a good half an hour on both sides. I don't know if it's the sweat, the tanned skin, the peeking underwear, or his arousing sports attire, but it drove me insane.

On the park bench to my right, there was another cute Aussie jock in a turquoise working shirt and black slacks with sunglasses. His body frame and biceps were just outlining every inch of his tight-fitting professional attire. He was enjoying his sandwich too while listening to music via his headphones. 

Soon, the athletic Asian guy leaves. Only to be replaced by another cute guy who used the same spot to sunbath. The entire hot guy disrobing scene repeated itself and I stared longingly in a zoned-out trance. I could feel the inner vampire and werewolf awaken in thirst and hunger for fresh meat or rather, the specific meat I'm seeing. I wish I could jerk off right here but common decency and civility would effectively render me a psycho.

At this point, I start to drown internally out of feeling overwhelmed and a little invisible again. It's been a week since my last date with a Melburnian Artist at his home so I was desperately in need of some man-love. The time was already close to 4pm and I was also not getting any positive response from the gay apps. So I decided to distract my obsession by making my way to a usual café and do some writing.

Once I arrived at the coffee house, I decided that I was going to pay a visit to the public toilet to jerk off. The thing about jerking off in public restrooms is that I'm always suspicious or leery if there might be a hidden camera somewhere. It might seem like I'm exaggerating but with everything that is being shared on social media nowadays, I don't know what to think. And even if cameras are not the issue, I'm paranoid about the embarrassment that comes with being caught by real people.

"Jesus Christ M, isn't that a little paranoid? You're a free man. Why should you deny yourself the pleasure of a good release? And even if you do get caught, why should you be embarrassed about such primitive behaviour as a man?" goes my inner voice.

So in the toilet, there were three cubicles numbered 1 to 3, with 3 being the most ideal because it borders a wall, where else the other two does not. 

When I entered the restroom, Cubicle 3 was occupied so I settled temporarily for Cubicle 1 firstly to pee, and secondly to wait for Cubicle 3 to be vacated so that I can use it to indulge myself in a little jerk-off. While peeing, I heard somebody go into Cubicle 2. 

Within the next minute, the person in Cubicle 3 leaves and I conveniently walked out of Cubicle 1 and straight into Cubicle 3. I remember thinking at that point that something just didn't feel right. I felt so exposed and so vulnerable. Stop over-thinking you freak and just jerk-off. And so I did.

I was in the middle of a sexual fantasy, thinking about all the guys I saw by the riverbank. Threesome, foursome, kissing and how good the foreplay feels with these guys. The intimacy, the passion, the sweat on our skin making love. I was halfway through getting myself to reach my happy ending when all of a sudden, I was shocked to see the guy from Cubicle 2 peeping into mine from above. Ho my God! Mother fucking shit. What the fuck?!

As soon as he saw that I saw him, he retreated and I was just kicking myself on the inside. I felt so embarrassed for having a freak next door catch me. "Jesus! What are the chances of me just thinking about my fear of getting caught moments ago, only to have it happen right here in front? Fuck that was embarrassing. The guy saw me! How are we gonn-"

Then I caught sight of his shadow shaking vigorously from his cubicle. It took me a while to digest what was going on, but as soon as my mind registered that the man next door was jerking-off too, my embarrassment for the fact that he saw me dissipated instantly.

I stood there contemplating on how to leave when he stuck his hand out from the gap below and waved a signal. I ignored it because I was partially pissed at what he did, but then a part of me kept reminding itself of how invisible and unwanted I felt this afternoon by the river. So in a moment of weakness, I waved my hand below and walked out to knock on his cubicle door.  We were the only ones there. He unlocked it and the thirty forty something year old man in it was what the gay world would call a bear, and I definitely wasn't interested in this one who looks like he just sits around drinking beer and watching games.

I suppose I didn't have the heart to reject him on the spot so I went into the cubicle despite not feeling like it. As soon as I walked in, he requested to suck me off and so I allowed him. He blew me for a good minute, but in my head, I would much prefer to go back to Cubicle 3 and jerk-off on my own to the thoughts of the hot guys by the Yarra. I stopped him after a while and he looked up at me confused.

Then, he obviously expected me to return some kind of favour, and as much as I wasn't keen, I gave it a try out of courtesy. His dick was small. I went down on him for about 20 seconds before he stopped me because he wanted to move us to Cubicle 3. I said: "Nah, that's okay. I gotta go."

    "Yes", I responded firmly and he surprisingly didn't throw me anymore questions.

We waited till nobody else was in the toilet before I got out and he stayed in. I went to the sink to freshen up and rinsed my mouth thoroughly. I lost all urge to want to give myself a good release.

Back outside at the coffee house, I sat there thinking about what just happened. I couldn't believe I let myself walk into that cubicle even though I wasn't keen. What the hell was I thinking? Jesus, it must have been one hell of an invisible and pathetic moment.

On the other hand, I couldn't help but wonder too about the series of unexpected thrilling gay experiences that have been coming my way ever since I left home two and half months ago. Never in a million years would I thought an awkward restroom story like this will happen to me.