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Monday, 16 November 2015

The Time I Had Fun In A Public Car Park

This post was written last year, but never published. So here it is.

It's been two weeks since my last sex date. Hence I was feeling restless and irritated. I wasn't expecting anything to materialise that afternoon when an unexpected 'Hi' came from this Dutch-Aussie profile on Grindr.

I couldn't remember what his display picture was, but I knew it was one of those attractive but risky pictures. Risky at the fact that they were quite blur and didn't fully outline exactly what I was walking into. We exchanged some short messages before I finally asked him what he was up to.

    "You really wanna know? I'm actually on my way to getting a blowjob from someone now. Just being honest here, lol", read his Grindr text bubble.
    "Damn! Someone beat me to it. You know what? When you're done with him, let's meet for round two", I replied.
    "Join us then! We're meeting at the car park next to McDonalds. We can all get together and suck each other off. Come on, the more the better."
     "Sure. That sounds fun! What's your number?"
     "No number dude. Just meet on the multi-level car park next to McDonalds now. Go up the ramp and find a white car."

It took me a while to decide properly if I was really going to go ahead with this, and I did. One of the biggest rules I live by is that I usually never agree on a sex date without first getting some form of legitimate phone number where I can call or at least a clear picture. But unfortunately this time, I was desperate for some action, any action at all. So I left the coffee house immediately and walked for about 10 minutes to the multi-level car park a few blocks away as agreed.

As I arrived, I walked up the ramp and started paying very close attention to anybody who was loitering around a white car as told. I've never done this before so you can imagine how leery I was regarding my surroundings. Then I came to the end of a wall, there was indeed a white car and a guy standing behind it but I wasn't exactly sure if he was the third party. He noticed the way I was pacing around the car park and immediately recognised that I was here for some fun.

     "Hey", he nodded his head in acknowledgement.
     "Hi", I walked up to him and introduce myself with a handshake.
     "So where is the other guy?" I asked.
     "He should be here any minute."
     "How long have you been waiting?"
     "I've been standing here rubbing my dick for a good twenty minutes."

This guy must be really horny, I thought. He wasn't the hot guy type, but he definitely has a cute face. 

     "So did he say where he was? I asked for a number but he wouldn't give me one", I told him.
     "Yeah me too. Do you still have him on your Grindr? Text him there and see what he says."

The Dutch-Aussie candidate was already offline but I left him multiple text bubbles. Then the third guy who was with me suggested that we wait inside the car instead of just standing around suspiciously. 

Within minutes after we got into the car, we could no longer hold our itchy hands to ourselves and started to touch each other. I would bent over and blow him and he would bend over and reciprocate enthusiastically at intervals. To be honest, I never expected an impromptu hook-up in a public car park to be so exciting and enjoyable. The guy has great oral and touching skills.

Sometimes we even had to momentarily suspend all activities when crowds of people would walk past our car on their way to theirs, and resume only when the coast is clear. At the rate we were going, we would have finished before the party was complete. So halfway through, we decided to stop and wait for the second guy to arrive.

After waiting for another 20 minutes with no reply, it dawned on us that the missing person who arranged this sex date in the first place wasn't going to show up. Which wasn't surprising considering all the signs that were pointing to this happening. So in the end we finished ourselves off without him in his white car. 

     "You sure it's okay that we finish off in your car, I don't want to make a mess out of it", I asked.
     "It's okay, it's rented", he said with a smile.
     "Yeah, I was going to drive up to my parents after this so it's a rented car."

The guy let me jerked myself off to ejaculation in the vehicle, but it was a small load so it was manageable with tissues. When I wanted to finish him off, he told me that as horny and as bad as hell he needs to come, his overwhelming need to pee since we met is preventing me from doing the job, otherwise he will really end up releasing more than he should and make an unwanted mess out of the situation.

Before we parted ways, I think I might have felt a moment in his eyes that he wanted to ask me for my contact, while at the same time, trying to work it out in his head if he should respect the principles of anonymity. But in the end, we went our separate ways. It wasn't only after it was all over that it hit me that the way the entire experience unfolded, I could have, in a moment of vulnerable desperation put myself in harm's way. I would like to remind other guys reading this to take mindful precaution rather than follow in my emotional foot step.


  1. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You're welcome. Hope you stick around for more stories!