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Monday, 22 September 2014

When A Cute Guy Chats Me Up In The Toilet

Okay the weirdest thing just happened to me about an hour ago at the public restroom underneath the Circular Quay train station. Due to its popular location, tons of guys use it all the time, and on any normal given day, there's never a shortage of attractive straight guys that I wouldn't take a second look. 

So there I was, coming out from one of the many cubicles after taking a leak and I instantly noticed this very cute guy having a pee at the urinal. I didn't really see his face but I could feel that he looks good from the back.

It was just the two of us in the toilet so I took the opportunity to linger my sights directly on him and also via the giant mirror while washing my hands. His back was oblivious to everything that was behind him so I observed everything discreetly with interest. Even if he catches us, what is he going to accuse us of?

Then I took my own sweet time at drying my hands at the Dyson Air Blade that was located right next to the urinal. I stared erotically at his crotch from the diagonal side and caught sight of that high speed line of pee shooting onto the metal wall.

Then here come the best part, after he shook his penis off, he slowly but very firmly used his hands to stretch and massage his flaccid cock, milking every drop until there was none. God, I want it in my mouth. What? Shut up.

Then, my mind started to rationalise how ridiculously long I've been staring and how unusually long this guy has actually been milking his dick off at the urinal. It was almost as if he's playing with it slightly and he knew I was watching. Which reminds me very much of what the Irish guy I used to have fun with at the office does every time he tried to get my attention in the men's toilet.

As the cute guy turned around, I was already pretending to adjust my hair while looking into the mirror when in fact, I was looking at him via the mirror. Then the unexpected happened.

"Hey mate! How's it going?", he asked spontaneously out of the blue in an intriguingly friendly vibe as he rinsed his hands while looking at me. I was in complete shock. I mean I've fantasised about a wide array of things, but never thought a really cute guy I check out in a toilet would actually chat-me-up in a men's restroom.

"I'm good. Thank you for asking. What about you?", I responded with heightened interest on the outside but deep down, I was already in an extreme state of arousal and my blood was boiling from the image of his dick a moment ago

"Yeah I've had a good day myself. I'm actually from the WA. You having a good day? What have you been up to?", he asked in an attempt to keep the rapport going. I on the other hand couldn't concentrate on answering him because all I wanted to do was to coerce him into the cubicle.

As I juggled prolonging our conversation and thinking how to suggest for us to go into the cubicle, the energetically charged bubble we were in was suddenly shattered by the entrance of another guy who came in to use the urinal. 

I can feel that the atmospheric vibe between us shifted at that moment, and chatting in the toilet became very uncomfortable. So we took it outside and continued to shoot the breeze. But for some reason, we didn't stop walking but kept moving forward at an unusually slow pace. It was so slow that it made me feel that I might be on to something.

I tried to stop in my tracks for a couple of times in order to get his attention and gauge his body language. I was hoping to find a window of opportunity where I can convince him to walk with me back into the toilet for a quick blow. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to pick up on what I was trying to do and just kept moving us forward.

I was really confused. From what I can recall as a man having lived on Earth for 25 years, the gentlemen's public toilet is a very sensitive and awkward space. And it is most certainly not normal for a straight guy to chat another one up in one. So the weird thing is, all of his questions and actions seem to be suggesting that he might be looking for something, but yet I couldn't confirm if he was gay or bisexual.

"So where are you headed to now? What are your plans at the moment?" are some of the direct questions I threw his way in order to see what kind of response he would give. Unfortunately, he didn't seem to be falling into my little game the way I thought he would and we just ended up going our separate ways.

I stood on the station platform in an unsatisfied state trying to cool down from all that built up sexual tension. While on the train ride out, I kept replaying every single frame of what just happened back there with the cute guy. Would you guys like to offer some insights as to whether or not if he was chatting me up for something?


  1. He was definitely chatting you up.

    1. Chatting me up in what sense? That's the thing I can't seem to figure out. Was he just a really friendly guy or was there some underlying intention?

  2. It's the tricky thing with Australians, they are insanely friendly and will chat and shoot the breeze in any situation, it's tough to gauge this one

    1. Yeah, that's what I was trying to figure out. Was he being "Aussie" or was he just pocking around for something else.

  3. I once asked a married man in a theater bathroom stall if he wanted a blowjob. He smiled as said, "I'm here with my wife" and left. The next time I came to the theater the toilet area had been closed off for renovation. o_O