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Monday, 15 September 2014

Saturday Sex Date And Visit To The Gay Club | ❶

A couple of Saturdays back, the Italian engineer wanted to meet for fun again in the late afternoon and I agreed. Deep down I wasn't particularly excited, but I had a duty to get myself laid in order to keep that inner gay vampire happy so I don't go crazy on every attractive guy I see on the street. Yes it's a pathetic disorder but one that is also living in me.

Two hours before we met, I decided to check in on him to reconfirm our meet. He was still groggy and lazing bed, trying to sleep away the hang over from the previous night of drinking and partying. I asked if he was sure that he would be well enough to meet and he told me to come on over.

So I got on a bus and made my way to his apartment building while he showered and got ready for my arrival. Within ten seconds of my entry through his unit door, we instinctively reached out to one another as we shot the breeze, and the first kiss gave way to a short standing make out. 

"Come, let's go into the room," he said. This time, we headed straight for the bedroom and disrobed completely until we were naked once again and under his covers. From this point on, I think I am going to cut down on writing about the explicit sexual process, but what happened during that sex date was that he fucked me twice, and there was a lot of cuddling and silent intimacy. However at the end, he didn't bother to take care of me and give me a climax after he was done which I thought was a little selfish but I did not make an issue out of it.

While we were showering together, he said to me in his strongest Italian accent: "Your dick is very big. It's bigger than mine." For clarification purposes, I am no where near big, but neither am I small too. So his comment definitely gave my ego the little rub it needs to continue fuelling the shield of confidence I have worked so hard to preserve.

When putting on my socks back out in the living room, I told him that I have plans to go out to the scene that night and asked him for some tips. He told me that the scene doesn't pick up until about 12am, and the free-entry club also known as Midnight Shift in Sydney was the place to go on a Saturday night. Oh God, there goes our plan to leave the scene before midnight to catch the last bus home to bed M.

The truth is, I have always been a stay-at-home boy. But after lots of mental coaxing, I made a deal with myself that weekend that I was going to drag my boring ass out of the house and explore the gay scene for a little bit. After all, I am in a foreign city with plenty of good-looking gay guys. I will regret it if I didn't at least made some effort for myself to build confidence.

So after the sex date, I went home, cooked myself a simple dinner for one and watched some television before catching the last suburban bus out on a cold and rainy night into the city centre. I made sure I looked smart in a tie and a shirt too that night for extra confidence, even though the confidence wasn't concretely solid.

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  1. This guy fucked you twice, and then did nothing for you? That's totally selfish. He should have done something to satisfy you.