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Saturday, 23 August 2014

Sex Date With An Italian Engineer

During the same week that I got to know the Australian IT guy, I also made successful contact with an Italian engineer from Hornet who has been living in this city for about fifteen years. The day after I met the Australian IT guy in his apartment for fun, I found myself taking the bus in the middle of a Friday afternoon to fulfill another sex date that was separately arranged with this Italian engineer.

Throughout the bus journey and additional ten minute commute on foot to his apartment, I kept thinking: "Whoa M. Two consecutive sex dates on a Thursday and a Friday! That has never happened before. I'm really excited! Wait, the last two sex dates went very well and I enjoyed myself. So could this one potentially turn out to be a bad? Because let's face it, this is our life we're talking about, and our life never goes this well."

"Shhtop-it-shhtop-it-shhtop-it! Stop over-thinking and just go into the experience. Take it as it comes, Jesus", the sensible side of my mind yells frustratingly as it rolls its eyes. 

The Italian engineer lives in the centre of a very happening gay neighbourhood which was both convenient and exciting in a good way. Upon arrival at the lobby, I pressed the intercom and heard his voice through the speakers for the first time, telling me to go up to the tenth floor.

When I walked into his apartment, he shook my hand and closed the door, leading me to the living room couch where the television was on. But before we went past the dining area on the way to the comfy looking couch, he startled me halfway by mentioning that I needed to take my shoes off, of which I absentmindedly forgot because I was so focused on making small talk.

Then, I made an embarrassingly horrendous blunder of saying: "Sorry I forgot to take my shirt off. I-mean shoes! Shoes! My shoes! Oh God! Take, my, shoes, off." Jesus Christ I wanted to bury my face because I think it turned red. He obviously heard what I said but played cool and didn't seem to be bothered by it although he could have easily teased the crap out of me.

He and I settled down on the couch for about a minute or so while shooting the breeze before we simultaneously reached out for each other and naturally fell into a warm cuddle. Then he pulled me in closer to lie on his broad jock-bear body and sealed his lips onto mine. Oh God! Yum. There was tongue and he tasted of the flavoured mint from his gum. Not bad. So far so good!

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ] 
 - - -  Please STOP reading now if you're not comfortable  - - -

So after about five minutes of make out, he got up from the couch and guided us to his bedroom. There, he wasted no time in shedding off his clothes like he was at a nude beach, leaving only his silver watch firmly gripped on his masculine wrist. Then, he climbed onto bed while stroking his medium length. It was a very arousing sight. 

The way he moves and commands my attention was comparable to that of a male lion. Confident, beastly, and all man as he watches me take off my clothes piece by piece. I was a little shy at our speed and decided to leave my underwear on for a little while. But he wanted me naked and told me to lose it.

As soon as I joined him under the covers, he pulled us in hungrily for a deep hug, fusing our bodies tightly together like he hadn't been with another man in years, needing the intimacy. I could feel his passion, his Italian heart and also the Latin spirit in his body that goes all the way back to the hills of Emilia-Romagna. There was soul and there was a place of origin.

Once things started to heat up with all the make out, I slowly kissed my way down and took his helmet into my mouth for the first time. Gradually, the blowjob gets more exciting and he started thrusting his hips into my throat for a good couple of minutes. He pulls me up for a brief kiss before turning my body over to position us in a way that I knew what he wanted.

"Oh Jesus here we go. He wants to fuck", my inner voice whines at my own uncertainty in wanting to bottom for people, but realised that I needed to stay open and say yes to experiences as opposed to running away from them. For if we don't try, we'll never know how it'll go or can go.

He reaches for the lube and condom on his side table. "Listen, you have to loosen me up a little before going in", I requested. And so he did, he slipped a finger in and thrust for a couple of lazy seconds before finally pushing himself in. The fact that he wasn't too big reduced the mental pressure I exerted on myself. 

Surprisingly, anal with him was successful and there was no unbearable pain. There is still some mild burning sensations and also that uncomfortable feeling that comes when someone enters you, but after he starts to move in and out vigorously, it doesn't feel so bad. It wasn't particularly extraordinary, but I have to admit that bottoming does have its potential to be enjoyable.

We explored different positions before he cried out loud and said he was going to come. He then climaxed and rode out his own orgasm as he kept me close which was the most exciting part of the act, knowing that somebody else is having a good time.

As he pulled himself out of me, my body was thankful for the retreat. He immediately went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up before coming back to bed to give me more cuddles and some more sucking. After a while, he just conveniently slipped on another condom and wanted to go for a second round.

I went with the flow and allowed him to fuck again. He moved and moved, and moved. But still he didn't seem to be heading anywhere and so I asked him directly if he was going to come. He chuckled and said no. I gave him the look that suggests that I'm tired from anal and he pulled out. Oh thank God that was over again. 

The problem was that I am still not used to the sensations of being a bottom, but I think he wanted to go again because he thought that as a true bottom, I get my pleasure from getting fucked. But unfortunately, that was no where to be true in my case and I wasn't even close to feeling good. "Come take a shower", he tells me as he walks into the bathroom.

"Oh my God. A shower? Together? Yes please! rehearsed this erotic dream all my life" I was ecstatic.

I jumped out of bed and joined him under the hot running water. There, we talked for a little bit while rubbing and massaging the fragrant body wash he brought from Italy all over our bodies. It was erotic as hell. We made out slightly and he reached out his hand and grabbed my tool. He started to jerk me off slowly because I haven't yet found my climax.

I took charge and started to jerk myself off with him embracing me from behind. He would kiss me, hug me and grope my slippery body as the hot water was running down on us both. I channeled all of my inspiration and started to focus on the body wash, the hot water and the strong masculine man that was standing with me. 

Finally, with enough sexual high and ammo, I jerked myself off to climax with him whispering encouragements and sex talk into my ear. "Come for me baby, come now!" I came and the release felt so good. As I turned to face him, the sexual side that was so dirty and low two seconds ago, dissipated almost instantly and we went back to showering like two adults who are going to go our separate ways.

Within the next ten minutes or so, we were dressed and seated in the living room for some friendly after-sex chat. That took another half an hour with all of my questions. He even gave me some tips and recommendations on which bars, clubs, saunas and various gay establishments to go to in the city. 

Before leaving, I walked out to his alluring tenth floor balcony and saw the incredible north facing view of the harbour and the Opera House. I told him that if I had a view like that, I would sit there all day long with my wine or coffee and watch the day go by. I regretted for a moment that I didn't have my camera to capture this view, but he reassured me that there will be a next time and I finally left his apartment, brightly glowing from the successful sex I just had.


  1. Italian and from Emilia-Romagna, the best :D
    But I think I'm not impartial XD

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