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Friday, 15 August 2014

Romantic Beachside Date With An Australian IT Manager

In the last post, I wrote about how I've been actively cruising and spreading my network on the gay apps ever since landing in this new city. One night last week, a smart-looking thumbnail on Jack'd caught my attention and I decided to reach out to him. I have no idea how to explain this, but I swear for some bizarre reason, I just really like this guy even before he responded. It was as if he could harbour the potential to be different.

So after his pleasant reply, we took our chats onto WhatsApp and just really hit it off. Although I might have played it very cool, but deep down inside, I was dying. Dying for us to meet face to face after all that chat. However, he didn't seem to want to push for a meeting instantly so I backed off a little. Ho-o-okay, that's confusing. Why wouldn't he wanna meet if we're chatting along fine?

Then on Tuesday evening, the inner teenage girl in me just couldn't get her mind off him and decided to go for a how's-it-going message. Still, there was no excited feeling of urgency from his end and I finally asked him directly if we're ever going to meet. 

He said that he'll finish work early the next afternoon and suggested that we go for a drive in his car so that he can show me the scenic sights within the greater metropolitan area. I was extremely excited.

"Wait, a drive? As in like a date or we drive around and later on you do sexual stuff to me kinda drive?", I silently pondered to myself. The next day, I met him on the corner of a street with an open mind. Whatever happens, happens. 

He was parked at the side waiting for me. When he saw me walking to him from a distance, he got out of his car looking sharp in a crisp blue shirt that was tucked into his dark jeans and leather belt that complemented his brown shoes and aviator sun glasses. His car was a sleek-looking white Audi convertible. Jesus, nice car! And I love Audi!

As I shook his hand and appraised him in flesh for the first time, I could feel that we're going to have a good time. I also had a moment in my head where it felt so surreal. Firstly I was thinking: "Is this whole scenario really playing out in front of me?"

And secondly, I was just really intimidated by the whole package that was present on a cold Wednesday afternoon. The man, the attire, the car and the sunglasses because he represented a part of what I've always envisioned myself to be when I'm successful and in command, and now my dream is appearing in the form of an afternoon date.

"So you ready? Hop in!" he said. and we both found ourselves within the closed doors of his white Audi. "Very nice car might I say", I said cheekily. "Thanks!" His response was cool and confidently secure. I remember wondering to myself at that point if I would ever one day reach his level of human existence that currently seem so unimaginable to a lost guy behind this journal.

As he drove, we both carried on the conversation and gradually opened up a little more. The chemistry between us was warm as it was exciting. After about 10 minutes, he made a turn into this vastly huge suburban park and slowed the car down to a scenic crawl. The sun was up and the weather was beautiful.

Then with a spontaneous flick of a switch, he retracted the convertible roof and exposed us to the surrounding atmosphere. Damn. This is so much fun! I loved the sensational symphony of solar heat and cold air playing off of my face. But also felt equally uncomfortable at the attention when people would turn their heads and look as we pass by.

Afterwards, we drove to a nice-looking beachside suburb that was about fifteen minutes away. The place had an amazing atmospheric feel to it. Where surfers meet blue waves, boardwalk meets sand, and wooden architecture meets quaint cafés, of which we went to pick up some muffins and coffee before adjourning to go sit by the boardwalk. 

I hear myself take a deep breath, greedily trying to take in as much of the entire experience as I can into my lungs. The fresh air, the sea breeze, all of it. We took a walk and explored the beachside a little bit more before driving up some hilly suburban roads to reach this viewing point atop a cliff. It's not the most heart-stopping view in the world, but it was definitely the best I've seen that week.

Gradually, as the sun went down, he drove us back to the apartment I'm staying and parked the car on the side. We had about five minutes to say our goodbyes before he had to rush home to catch a conference call happening in about twenty minutes. I thanked him genuinely with all my heart for the date and asked if I could give him a goodbye kiss. He was surprised and excited at the same time at my openness.

"That's lovely but I don't have any mint!", he uttered. "It's fine", I said with a smile and leaned forward. Our lips touched for the first time and I melted. It was a very nice kiss. One that is too short to be a formality kiss, but not long enough for it to be a make out. Then when we finally pulled away, his face was drenched in need and I'm sure mine was too. 

After about 10 seconds of mindless grateful ramblings, I went in again for another kiss. Oh my god. This, this kiss feels different. Feels... magical dare I say! It was a long. Realising that there's only less than ten minutes before he has to rush home and take his call, I stopped and finally go out of the car. We waved each other goodbye and he drove away. 

I walked up to the apartment, opened the door, closed it and went straight to the couch to lie down. I was completely floating in a state of euphoria. It was as if I was high on drugs and my heart was just fluttering and spinning. I let myself lay there and enjoy the small taste of a teenage dream that finally came to me for the first time at a delayed age.

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