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Monday, 4 August 2014

Here In A Different Part Of The World

Last week, I finally got on a plane and landed in this iconic city on a different part of the world. My childhood best friend of 18 years lives here, and has built quite a comfortable life for himself working in investment banking. 

I came out to him back in February 2014 after having not seen each other for about 3 years. And just like I thought he would, he was incredibly supportive and open-hearted. I'm here because it was agreed that maybe it will do me some good if I left home and come stay with him and his girlfriend for a while. So I did.

I probably shouldn't be telling readers this after all that Law of Attraction posts I've written in support of positive thinking to manifest dreams, but for the past few months, I haven’t exactly been feeling my best. I was lost, unmotivated, occasionally depressed and always putting myself to sleep because of my emotional problems. So I've taken the opportunity to give myself a change of environment to see where it'll take me.

The next day after my arrival, I went out for a walk and wandered around the city's central business district on my own. It was refreshing as it was emotional because I thought that by taking a long haul flight, I could run away from all the depressive feelings that were plaguing me while I was home. But now that I am in a different place, those unpredictable emotions still do show up at random intervals and is tough to manage. But you know what, I'll be okay. I will survive and adapt, I always do.

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