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Friday, 8 August 2014

10-Minute Express Fun With A Mix Guy

Ever since the first night I landed in this city, I just couldn't resist the temptation to fire up my gay apps to see who's out there. I've been trapped on home grounds for almost two years that I am starting to get very bored of not just other guys, but my own profile included. I'd analyse mine and think: "Yeah yeah, we all think we're so special". So it feels quite exciting being able to take it out for a spin in a different geographical area of the planet.

As soon as I fired up the gay apps, I was so intimidated by the variety of men that were on that my confidence plummeted instantly into insecurity. Damn. Almost everyone on it was attractive. You've got the fitness models, the fashion models, the silver foxes, the handsome asians, the hot bartenders, the cute adonises etc. I am either in middle heaven or middle hell.

Beginning from my hot guy watch at the park last Thursday, I've been sending out a lot of messages and trying to spread my network. Wherever I go, I would make sure I'd refresh the gay app screen in order to leave a mark or a trail. It's kinda like fishing, but leaving the multiple lose ends open to catching whatever the universe sends my way.

So out of the 100% of messages that get send out, I'd say 80% gets ignored, 15% gives a reply that slowly loses rapport, and the remaining 5%, a potential sex date or meet up. You wouldn't believe the amount of effort and hard work it takes to chat people up. For what you lack in natural good-looks to allure people, you have to make up for it in determination.

On Monday, a hot guy I've been eyeing from Hornet, asks me if I was free in the afternoon for fun. Of course I said yes! Yes yes all the way Jesus. It's time. He lives just on the next street and I haven't played with another man's tool for so long that it's all I could think about everyday now. But the down side to this date was his abruptness and dismissive attitude. I knew then and there that this was going to be my very first don't-tell-me-your-name, we-meet-we-fuck-and-you-go

Then as the clock inched closer to the agreed time we'd meet, I got cold feet. I was scared because my last two sex dates failed miserably, and it proved to be a detrimental blow to my courage and inner fire. Nevertheless, I showered, cleaned myself and got my butt out of the apartment the minute his text came. And as usual with all crucial moments, the main door out the apartment building chooses to malfunction right when I'm about to meet someone for fun. The whole finding a way out ordeal delayed my progress by almost 15 minutes and I was late. He was annoyed.

Throughout the walk to his place, I had two minds trying to communicate with me. One of them is going: "What are you doing M? He wasn't being very nice! Walk away now. Come on, you can still back out!" 

The other one goes: "Don't be a coward and chicken out! Remember the formula you are trying to brainwash yourself to believe? Failure = Good. Failure = Success. He didnt seem to care about your feelings, so why should it matter to you how he feels? To hell with him. Go up to his apartment, and use him for your own benefit. This is about you now. Use the opportunity."

The journey up to his apartment unit was filled with more unnecessary drama. The main door didn't let me in, the elevator button doesn't let me press his floor. By the time he came all the way down to get me, our sexual mood was ruined and he was annoyed. 

He told me that he was supposed to be headed to another engagement within minutes and my delay was bad. "We have to be extremely quick!", he firmly repeats. And then I panicked. I thought: "Uh-oh, what is his version of quick? And what does he mean by quick? Oh my god, he expects to pop into my ass and pop out! What are we gonna tell him?" My cold feet and anxiety reaction was building but I kept my mouth shut. He smelled incredible. I loved the sex thing that he has going on with his hard muscled athletic firm body. Oh God.

Within 2 minutes, we entered the apartment and he commanded me straight to the bedroom. He firmly says: "Get ready now on the bed! We don't have time!" I stared at him for a zoned out moment wondering if him ordering me around was for real? How dare he... Then he repeats: "Now! Get yourself prepared now! I'll be back in a minute", and he disappeared into another room like a coach.

I acquiesced and fumbled with my clothes and belongings. I stripped down to my most presentable Calvin Klein underwear and just laid in his bed. I don't know if it was the hot guy, the bed sheets or the rough thrill, but everything felt very exciting. Then he came back into the room completely naked with a resealable bag in hand that was filled with lube packets and condoms. 

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ] 
 - - -  Please STOP reading now if you're not comfortable  - - -

As soon as he chucked them on bed, our eyes met and we both went in for the kill. We embraced and caressed each other hard and tight, rubbing our bodies close and grinding onto each other. I was greeted with a strong waft of his amazingly fresh odour and cologne as I went in for his neck and broad upper shoulders. 

Oh yes! Christ. Skin to skin! I'm naked again with a hot hot man. This is what I need, this is what I want, this is what I deserve. This is my moment! I'm with a guy with a hot body. I think he's Spanish speaking. Wait we don't care... I'm lost...

Then while trying to take my own pace to go down on him, he pushed my head straight down to his crotch, trying to remind me that this is not a party, but an express fuck. He has a beautiful dick, one of the nicest I've seen and I gladly took it into my mouth, enjoying the succulent shape of his helmet. He moaned and I moaned.

He insisted his way in and I ended up deep-throating him until I couldn't breath. There were gag-reflexes. He moaned with absolute pleasure and delight until I stopped the express blowjob to take in some air. "Oh you like that huh? You like it in your mouth?", he teased and I just nodded in lazy agreement. I reached out to touch his nipples but he said no. Jeez, why not?!

He then moved on towards putting us into positions and started grinding himself onto my back entrance. It felt kinda hot being dominated and used for pleasure. This time, I wasn't so scared any more about anal so my back loosened up a little bit, but still, there was no way he could have gone all the way in except for his helmet.

Bottoming for the first few times does give the person mix emotions. It's like your body is trying to process the sensations while your mind is trying to find itself between stimulated pleasure, and having to go to the bathroom. After a little more light fucking, he decided to finger me for a little more access and that felt amazing.

Next he proceeded to rub and grind his helmet consistently into me. Before I knew what was happening, he said he was going to come and pulled out his tool. He came a fair amount on my body and the fluid was warm and thick. Watching a hot athletic man ride out his orgasm as he came on me felt attractive and exciting. He then proceeded to wipe everything off with a lot of tissue, not wanting to leave a stain in the bed. "Wait wait wait, no stains and no marks on the bed. No stains!", he says as I tried to help.

After he was clean, he said he has to go right now but I can come quickly before we leave. So he stood up and let me do whatever it is I have to do to get off. I rose from bed and stood next to him in embrace, parked my face right at his neck, stole some kisses on them, inhaled his scent and started to jerk off

I'm sure he was rolling his eyes in his head but I couldn't care less. This is about my pleasure. How often do I get to be naked with someone with that body? I finished myself off and he carefully ensured not a single drop of cum would touch even the carpet floor via the use of tissues. Does he have a girlfriend or a boyfriend or something? Because this looks pretty forbidden.

Then without talking much, he eyed me like a hawk, told me to clean up. He ensured that I got dressed and exited his apartment door. After I walked out, I couldn't keep smiling to myself like a stupid teenage girl. I did it again. I jumped into something without knowing what will happen, but ended up enjoying the express sex date that lasted for less than 10 minutes. Just when I thought I had everything I needed, I forgot to ask him for the name of his cologne.


  1. from what I have read, I don't like him one bit despite his hot bod and beautiful rod he has. He's just another snobbish jock in town who thinks he's everyone would go after.

    Anyway, I am glad you had finally gotten laid.