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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

I Got Cruised At Starbucks Today

I was seated at a local Starbucks this afternoon with my computer, enjoying my hot cup of coffee in this cold and rainy weather when out of the blue, a cute guy in work clothes walks confidently into the coffee house. He was arrogant and intimidatingly smooth. 

I don't know how to explain this, but the moment he entered the café, our eyes just met and he held my gaze for a couple of lingering seconds before looking away confidently. It took me a while to fully realise what just happened but thankfully, my mind caught up. 

"Hey that wasn't just any look we got from him. It was the eye-contact. Strong, firm and filled with seduction masked in confidence. He was calling out to us and checking us out!"

Throughout the entire time he waited in line at the cashier and coffee collection point, I threw him reciprocal glances and he just kept giving me that very same seductive look and firmly looking away. I was blown away because I felt the way he did it was just so smooth and attractive. It wasn't creepy or weird, but everything a seductive eye-contact should be.

"M his coffee’s done and he’s gonna walk away now. Okay, if he looks at you ONE more time, you’ll have to step in and respond. Ask for his number. Come on, it’ll be fun to play this game like a real man for once", persuades the inner voice.

And with a to-go Starbucks cup in hand, he walked his way out and gave me one last inviting stare. This time, complete with a subtle smile that was so cute before disappearing through the glass doors. I smiled in return and was ready to leap out from my seat and dash out the door to get his number but realised that that would mean leaving my open computer and belongings dangerously unattended in a public coffee shop. Damn it!

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