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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Having A Good Time At The Australian IT Manager's Apartment

So after my kiss with the Australian IT Manager in the last post, I was convinced that it might have helped steered us onto a more interesting track. It felt like we gave each other a preview of what the potential experience between us could be, and then leaving each other to get together again.

The next morning while still in my pyjamas and dishevelled hair, he sent me a morning text on WhatsApp and I of course was ecstatic. As one chat bubble led to another, I found out that he currently has about three hours of free time before another conference call and was looking forward to seeing me for more of those kisses.

I said sure, and asked if he wanted to spend some time over coffee. He said to meet in his apartment, which I thought was a little weird because I remember him telling me about some of the house rules he had in place with his flatmates, and one of them was to never bring guys home. Jeez M, why do you care? It's not your apartment or your responsibility!

Our residential buildings are within a ten minute walk from each other. So after a quick jump under the shower and about half an hour later, I was knocking on his apartment door. His friendly Australian self greeted me with a handshake and I felt my heart light up at his presence. "Let me take your jacket for you", he said and just like a good host, he made me feel so welcome. Although I am no fool as to what we're here for.

I walked over to comment on his neat looking bookshelf and conspicuous amount of John Grisham novels before strategically positioning myself on the modern couch. He came over and sat beside me while chatting a little bit more. Somehow things just felt very natural between me and him. And so we closed in almost immediately and fused our lips together again. 

This second kiss then gave way to an amazing make out on the couch. There was tongue, lips, seductive whispers and hands groping all over. Him on top, me on top. I was once told that I should keep my talking mouth shut when engaging in physical activities so as not to spoil the mood. But surprisingly with this guy, the whispers we kept saying to each other made it seem like an exciting television make out scene come to life.

At this point, I wasn't sure what we are, what was going on, or if we should be going all the way, but before I could make a decision, he suspended the kiss and guided us into his bedroom like it was the most normal thing to do.

Before we resumed the make out, he took two minutes to show me a tour of his room along with the vast aerial view from his private balcony. Our suburb is so close to the international airport that you can literally see commercial jets touching down onto the runway from his room. I was impressed. However, the only issue I worried about, was if we have enough privacy as there is a high chance that people from the outside could see into everything that was going on in here.

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ] 
 - - -  Please STOP reading now if you're not comfortable  - - -

In his bedroom, we started to kiss again and our shirts gradually came off. I wasn't planning on getting completely naked with him, but with hands that were just dipping into each other's underwear, the pants just might as well come off too because let's face it, we're creatures called men, and waiting is just not in our nature.

As we got comfortably settled under the covers, the bare make out between us continued. We explored and played with each other's bodies and penises as his white linen sheets that surrounded us felt like a heavenly cloud. 

There was a moment in bed where I was struggling uncomfortably with my foreskin and he went to the bathroom and came back with a squirt of lube in his palm. He massaged it onto my tool and his hands on me felt amazing. 

After all that foreplay, it got me really in the mood for more. So I teased my way down with kisses and hot breaths before taking his beautifully cut tool into my mouth. 

"Oh God yeah M, where did you learn how to do that?", he moaned in ecstasy and in deep need as I gave it my best. He thrust into my mouth and later on, me into his when we switched roles.

While we were at it, he playfully teases me and reenacted a cliché scene commonly found in gay porn which made me giggle. I played along too for a couple of seconds and we both stopped and laughed. Later on, he looked at me with one lifted brow and asked: "Are you a top or a bottom?" 

I was caught off guard and responded: "I don't know, I think I enjoy both. But then again, I haven't really actually had the opportunity and right partner to try it out and find out for sure. So far I've bottomed for people but have never topped."

"Aw, so you performed for the other guy's pleasure. It's okay, we have plenty of time while you're here", he murmurs as he pulled me down and sealed our mouths together. He kissed me deep and looked into my eyes as he kept saying my name with each smooch. "Oh M. Can I see you again?"

A lot of time on that bed was spent on being present and naked with each other rather than having sex itself. He would hold me, hug me, cuddle me and spoon me. This was the first time I've ever experienced a sex date where I felt no pressure to perform and no expectations to do things right. It was the most liberating and secure feeling I've experienced so far being naked with another man. Could this be what sexual compatibility means?

Soon enough, our time together was approaching its end. I asked him if he wanted to come and offered to finish him off. He said there's no need to rush such happy endings and so we laid there a little bit longer together before getting our asses off that bed to get dressed.

During the public elevator ride down from his apartment, there was a moment when he playfully reached out and squeezed my ass when nobody's looking. We looked at each other and smiled. God, I love this chemistry and fun so much!

Ten minutes after we said goodbye on the pavement, he sent me a text which read: "Sorry if that felt like a hit and run." I reassured him that I'm feeling fine, and that I trust him as a person. 

A couple of days later, we were chatting on WhatsApp and a part of his message said: "I didn't want you to feel weird we had fun together. I mean it's not my sole intention. I didn't want you to feel used." 

At that point, I really did and thought that everything was okay. However now, it's been almost two solid weeks without any of our planned meetings materialising and I'm starting to drown in my own frustration. I'm rooting for us to spend more time together again, but I can't seem to figure out what's his deal.


  1. M! What a wonderful matter!
    I'm very happy for you, you deserve it! :)