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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The #FeelingNuts Movement

Recently someone from Check One Two approached me to do a small write up for them to promote their social media movement called #FeelingNuts. Testicular cancer is a serious health problem that can often be overlooked within our community. Hence, we need to learn how to start taking care of ourselves.

Testicular cancer is a disease that develops in the testicle of the male reproductive system. The essential idea is to get yourself checked out to ensure early detection before it reaches a stage where it can endanger your life. 

The wonderful thing about #FeelingNuts is that not only does it hold the potential to save lives, but also play an influential role in raising awareness amongst a younger generation of men. You can educate yourself on how to check for symptoms on their Knackatorials page, or watch a short YouTube video HERE.

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