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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sex Date With A Lawyer Who Enjoys Poppers

I am way behind on my writing. Events and experiences have just been occurring much faster than I can conjure them up properly into words so bear with me.

On the same day that I got cruised at a local Starbucks about three weeks ago, a guy I've been briefly chatting to on Jack'd for days invited me to his apartment that evening for fun. So right after I finished and published that very Starbucks post, I got on a bus with my laptop bag and headed for the suburbs. His apartment was only a ten-minute walk from where I currently live, therefore giving me the convenience and coincidental luxury of stopping by his place for sex before going home. 

Within twenty minutes of leaving the coffee house, I was pressing the intercom at the entrance of his apartment complex. "Come on up!" His response from the speaker was unusually loud that I'm almost paranoid if passersby could pick up on what was going on. Then when my sensibility caught up, I laughed at my own silly thought.

At this point of my development, knocking on a sex date's apartment door is starting to feel like a repeated experience I'm slowly getting used to. He has definitely aged from the profile picture, but still doable. As I walked in to put my stuff aside, I was very surprised at how serious he was in preparing us for sex. The entire apartment was dark, except for his room which was dimly illuminated by a burning scented candle.

I went into the bathroom to freshen up a bit before heading back out to see him standing next to the bed, patiently waiting in a 'zone' without wanting to ruin the mood. The bulge in my pants was expanding rapidly. He met me with a step forward as I walked up to position myself in close proximity with his body.

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ] 
 - - -  Please STOP reading now if you're not comfortable  - - -

We revelled a little bit in the sexualised atmosphere and the intimate seconds while looking at each other in the eye. Then we finally brought our mouths together and made out as our hands caressed all over each other's back. He smells fresh from a shower.

Soon, the clothes started to come off and we fell naked on his bed. He lay on his back as I worshipped the body that was in front me. I teased the area around his crotch with hot breaths, tongue, lips and kisses before taking the tip of his tool into my mouth. He moaned and enjoyed the entire course.

Then out of no where, he had a small potion-like bottle in his hand in which he opened the cover and took a good sniff. He closed his eyes like he was a little high. I was surprised and a little awkward because I was witnessing a behaviour I didn't quite recognise while giving the candidate a blowjob. "Hey, you want some Poppers?", he asked with eyes that were in some kind of state. 

Poppers? What the hell is that? I mean I've heard of it and know that it's close to harmless but still, we didn't talk about the use of external substance during sex.

"No I'm good thanks", I replied in a calm you-do-whatever-you-want manner. He looked at me with a lifted brow and asked: "Do you know what are poppers? You're a goody boy aren't you?" 

Of course I am. I grew up in a sheltered environment all my life. Heck I didn't even know what eye-contact and rimming was two years ago. Finally after a brief explanation on his part, the poppers-talk was dropped and we continued to play. 

The man was really good at foreplay and in creating lingering sexual interactions. He sucked me off, kissed me, nipped me, tongue me. However, maybe because I didn't feel for him, I was getting bored really quickly and told him to move ahead with the program if he is to want to play top. 

He moved as if he was going to enter me without a condom and I just had to break the moment to remind him to put one on. He smiled and bent down to kiss me while saying: "Don't worry, I will. I'm just taking my time to enjoy you."

"Please! If we hadn't said anything, he would have conveniently gone in without one", the inner voice rolls its eyes and sneered as it heard its own little retort.

He was above average when it came to penile size and it got me a little worried if it might cause uncomfortable pain. I told him to loosen me up first with his fingers and he did so with lots of lube. Then just when I thought it was impossible to accommodate him and for what felt like only the tip of his penis, he was fully in and my worry dissipated. Hey, it doesn't hurt!

He fucked and drove into me for a good five minutes before I asked him directly if he was going to come. He said not yet and I groaned silently on the inside with a subtle let's-just-get-it-over-with face when I foiled his long fuck plan. "You want me to come now?", he asked with a smile on his face as he looked me in the eye. "Yes, come now", I replied.

Then before I knew it, his moves roughen and deepen with every push that a mild pain started to shoot up my ass. He probably went in a little too deep. I roughed it out for a couple of seconds before he moaned loudly and rode out his orgasm. His expression and body language when torrential pleasure struck was an arousing sight and I knew he had a good time. I was so happy on the inside too that a simple sexual activity with me can bring so much joy to someone.

After he was done, he pulled out and tried to take care of my climax manually. I put us in a position that would fuel my build up and started to stroke myself with him in a more dominating pose on top. I finished off good unexpectedly with splattering amounts of cum. "Whoa, you came loads", he commented. "Yeah that was unexpected", I replied. We wiped ourselves off with a towel.

Before I could go anywhere else, he told me to stay put in bed and he cuddles us close. My plans to leave immediately was now pushed back for another half an hour because I decided to stay and enjoy the cuddle. The physical intimacy was good, but unfortunately I could feel the sense of awkwardness that was hovering over the lack of emotional and mental connection with the candidate.

"So, what's your story?", he asked while stroking my face. I was tempted to be honest and told him we don't have to do this. But out of not wanting to be an asshole, I went with the flow and talked a little bit about myself. It didn't take long before I managed to steer our conversation towards getting him to open up to the curious conversational therapist lying his arms.

As a passionate inquirer of life's questions, there is just so much insight and life changing perspective one can get out of another human being. Hence, letting other people open up to me about themselves still remains as one of my favourite activities to engage in when meeting guys. For I believe very much that it helps me too in my own personal journey in life.

So he works as a lawyer, currently in an open relationship with a partner that used to live here in this apartment, but is now based in Europe. From what I could gather from the conversation, I think they might be working things out due to a past undisclosed event. Their relationship is either going through a rough patch, or in a precarious state where both sides don't know what is going to happen.

One of the most memorable hard questions I remember asking him that night, was the concept of his open relationship with his partner. Has it always been an open relationship? How do you do an open relationship without it screwing up the love? Any struggles with jealousy? What are the ground rules that are in effect at the moment?

He struggled to give me a complication-free answer that didn't sound like he was talking to a naive gay guy in his twenties who has only recently began this journey. I understood it all and completely tried to learn from the dialogues that happened between us. Apart from the tough questions in which he gracefully pandered to, he also gave me a lot of recommendations in terms of the many gay bars, pubs, shops, clubs and establishments in this city. 

Soon enough, I was dressed and at the door, getting ready to leave. He gave me a slow kiss on the lips before letting me out, telling me to stay in touch if we wanna do it again. I wasn't so sure about that part, but I told myself to never say never. The rain has still yet to stop when I got to to the lobby, but despite it all, I walked home 'unprotected' as a very happy guy who just got laid again.

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