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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Unexpected Fun With A Head Of Department

I was going to take a lazy break from writing because sometimes I wonder if what I spill out here is truly worth reading. Does it really help other guys out there? If not for others, then maybe for my own mental therapy.

There is this Head of Department in my office who is Irish, masculine and gym-fit with a personality. When I first started work in this corporation, I noticed him because although he is not what I would label as attractive, but he's not bad to look at for a guy in his 40s because he works out everyday at the gym. We rarely cross paths with each other due to him overseeing an entirely different division 5 floors down. Let's call him M² to avoid any confusion. 

Recently for some reason, and I kept bumping into each other everywhere. The lobby, the elevator, the corridor, even the fire escape staircases. And every time when that happens, I'd silently check him out without giving anything away. There was also an inexplicable vibe he exudes that makes me wonder if he is no foreigner to "playing for the same team".

He occasionally walks past my cubicle on his way to the Executive Director (ED)'s office and we'd normally give each other a nod or a hand-raise in mutual acknowledgement. Wednesday evening was the first time he actually lingered around our work desk and chatted with me and my colleague for a good half an hour. The exchange between me and him, the eye-contact, felt very much like a stretched rubber band under tension.

Thursday afternoon on his way to the ED's office, the same ritual played out, however this time I turned my head around and watch him walk. After a couple of steps, he unexpectedly looked back and our eyes met. 

"He turned his head around! That's the signal!" My internal self went hysterical as if I just successfully witnessed a trademark behaviour, coming from a particular species of wildlife I've been trying to understand.

After his meeting ended, I replayed the scene in my head and decided to look again in the same direction. He was standing at the corner engaged on his cell, but his eyes caught mine for a couple of seconds before logic kicked in and I looked away. "Bus-ted!", teased my inner voice from the back of my head. I couldn't stop smirking in embarrassment for being caught.

That night, the company organised a movie event at the cinema and I found myself attending it with my colleague. Those belonging to management levels were grouped together and placed in Couple Seats. Somehow my boss wanted to get out of being seated with , so she put me there. "You have got to be kidding me! M² and me side by side on a couple seat? I really don't like the feel of this convenient coincidence."

I didn't make a big deal out of it and just piped down on his right. Being right next to him, my instincts kept telling me that a sexual tension exists between us, but my logical self is refuting this claim for fear of being carried away in my own bubble. "Come on M, let's be honest and think about it for a moment. What and where is the concrete basis of this claim?" I sat there telling myself to just watch the damn movie and let everything else fall away.

Couple Seats have no arm rest in between and throughout the motion picture, he casually caressed his right hand on his thigh that was close to mine. It was distracting to the point that I started analysing every single thing. "Is he or is he not trying to? Damn it. If only I could read minds and skip all the trouble of having to guess."

The best part was, our knees were in close contact with each other. I instantly recalled this particular post from the Gay Banker that talked about how gay guys wouldn't retract their legs from physical contact if they're interested. So I left my leg there and occasionally would try to readjust my seating position, indirectly brushing my leg against his. He didn't pull away, but neither did he show any sign of advancement. "Okay, nothing much. Now what?"

While trying to figure it all out, I remember the body language and cruising etiquette that I learnt and witnessed from the gay sauna about a year ago. Although I now think I am even more sure of the answer, but I still didn't want to cross a certain line and make a fool out of myself. He is after all an important Head of Department within the corporation.

Halfway through the movie, I couldn't concentrate any longer and told myself to just take the risk and have some fun. It wouldn't hurt to see where this would go. If he truly was straight and I made a fool out of myself, I could just pretend that it was dark at the movies, anything could have happened and that he has no concrete claim over me or anything else.

Over the next 15 minutes, our hands conveniently found their strategic positions next to each other within the couple seating gap. I thought to myself: "Okay M, think think! If you were a gay guy who is eyeing another guy, your attention on him would be so magnified to the extend that you will notice even the slightest move, no matter how subtle it is!"

Now there's a theory. That was what I needed to hear from myself to get out of my own head and just take the risk! I started by initiating subtle intermittent physical contact with my index finger, one that is not too obvious, but also one that you wouldn't miss if you were truly paying attention to me. This time, there was a gradual response and just before I know it, we were discreetly holding each other's hand like how couples would. "Man what a risk gone right! What a risk well taken!"

"Jesus we're holding hands! He's gay and he likes me too." I giggled to myself on the inside although my external façade was nonchalant and calm. Throughout the remaining hour, I told myself not to bring my fears, my worries and my past into this moment and just enjoy the hand holding. We'd give each other a occasional firm reassuring squeezes as our fingers caressed and teased each other throughout.

A couple of minutes before the credits rolled, I squeezed his hand in reassurance while patting my right hand on our hold as a gesture to thank him and finally let go. The movie ended and we resumed the identity of two normal strangers who work in the same building. But for some reason, it now felt kind of awkward having to face him in normal light. Although it was obvious that we kept lingering around each other. 

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ]

I thought about excusing myself because my sibling was on his way to pick me up, but somehow we ended up walking in the same direction together after ditching everybody else. We chatted casually on the way until we came across a restroom sign and he openly said, "I'm going to use the toilet". At that point, it took me a while to register what he meant because his eyes held my gaze and gave me a deep blink as he swerved to the left and I continued walking straight. 

I was just so ready to go home after a tiring day, but do I really want to walk away from an opportunity like this now that it's served to me on a plate? I changed my course and followed him into the restroom without him realising. He was taking a leak at a urinal as I stood steadily in one of the cubicles with the door open. As he washed his hands, his reflection saw me and in 5 seconds he walked in.

As soon as I locked the door, we embraced each other and he felt me up with his muscular hands. It felt nice and we were both hard. He'd squeeze my ass and I did his. He didn't position his lips to mine when I tried to kiss him so I'm guessing that's not his thing. We continued caressing and hugging each other tightly while grinding our bodies together. He really does love to grind. He took matters into his own hands by lifting my shirt from the waist and enclosed his mouth around my right nipple. I held on to him and just enjoyed the tongue twirling and sucking sensation he was giving me. It was arousing having to feel vulnerable as I let my guard down.

After a while, he turned me around to face the wall so that he can grind his bulging pants against my ass in a fucking motion. Although I can't explain the feeling, but it felt good to be wanted. I loosened my belt, held his right hand and directed it into my pants. He fondled my tool in the front as he continued the grinding motion from the back. It felt so wrong, but I allowed myself to revel in this feeling of being violated.

I knelt down in front of him, unzipped his pants and teased his erection from outside his bulging underwear. As my patience dried up, I finally unleashed the penis from its fabric den. "Wow, M² junior looks really good", I hear myself think. Circumcised, milky white, slightly pink and porcelain smooth. It was neither too big nor small. The length, the girth, the texture was promising on my hands.

I slid it into my mouth and it felt good on my tongue. "Hey, I am not turn-off by it! Is this what it feels like to blow a nice one?" As I pleasured him orally on my knees, the background was filled with the commotion and noises of other guests who came and go from the bathroom. If only they knew there were two pairs of feet in here, but we didn't care and let it all play out in silence. I knew it felt wrong to be doing this in a public restroom cubicle with a corporate Head of Department, but the whole scenario of being unethically naughty made it even more arousing for me.

The sexual tension in me was already building up from about 3 hours ago. While blowing him, I felt a pressure build-up in my pants that was craving for release. It came to a point where mental logic just wouldn't work any more and I had to stop myself from holding back. I came so satisfyingly good in my pants and was uncomfortably drenched. It took about a couple of minutes for my astral projected self to return to my conscious body, and when it did, I got bored of what I was doing and wondered when he was going to come.

I felt my phone vibrating. He pulled me up to my feet so we're now standing face to face. Before I could stop him, he immediately placed his hand into my underwear to play with my dick and was shocked to find it wet. 

He: [looks at me in awe]
"You came already?"

Me: [embarrassed]
"Uh... Yeah."

He: [smiled]
"So fast!"

He continued to feel me up in embrace and I whispered into his ear: "Listen, I gotta go in a minute. So let's take care of you." He stopped me and said never mind, he doesn't have to come. A part of me was glad that this was coming to a close. As we were buckling up, he pulled me close and tongued my ear obsessively as his index finger found its way down and directly grazed the opening in my ass. "I wanna fuck you", he whispered as he gently nip my ear. I smiled but my facial expression read that it just wasn't the right time.

I gave him a hug and whispered, "Okay, see you around". There were people using the urinals, but I managed to slip out without them noticing and signalled to  that he could come out too. He chose not to take the risk until everybody cleared the area.

I walked out the complex and found my sibling already waiting in the car. As I got into the front seat, I was just so conscious that my underwear and slacks were actually soaked in my own cum. Throughout the ride home, I prayed that nobody sensed or sniffed anything weird out. To prevent any form of suspicion on my part, I distracted us with an exciting conversation. 

"If only they knew who you were with, and what you were up to 3 minutes before you got up the damn car!", teased my inner voice. "Shut up!", I rebutted in defence. As I was showering at home, it dawned on me that I actually hosted an unprotected dick in my mouth. I brushed my teeth and rinsed it thoroughly with antiseptic mouthwash.

As I laid in bed, a million thoughts cruised through my mind. The coincidence, the couple seat, the cinema, the hand holding, the toilet cubicle, the Head of Department. What just happened back there? The entire evening was just plain unexpected. Is this the work of the Law of Attraction? Whereby going through one experience will actively pave the way for another? 

As I try to wrap my logical head around the sequence of events that unfolded as they usually do only in movies, I can't help but wonder if things would have been different if I had woken up this morning, knowing how the day was going to play out? I didn't regret anything I did that night. In fact, I think I would have beaten myself up even more had I walked away from his offer. I made a choice to flow with the moment and lived spontaneously in the present. And for that, I'm not going to over think things.


  1. My, had to cool down from that story. I don't think this is over yet. Do you think you two will have a office affair? Sounds like your gates are opening.

  2. See thats the spirit. Stick your dick in someone, or have someone stick their dick in you, gloriously uncomplicated.

    1. Think I'm going to go with this advice seriously from now on. It's good!

    2. I am glad to hear it, I look forward to reading your adventures.

      Don't forget to stop by Mind Of Mine ;)

  3. Very definitely the stuff that fantasies are made of. For most of us they just remain fantasies. Kudos for taking the bull by the horn! The sticky's called cum uppance