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Friday, 3 May 2013

My First One-On-One | ❷

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First thing he asked, lights on or lights off? I told him to decide and he plunged us into darkness in a comfortable way, leaving only enough light from the partially closed bathroom door to illuminate our features. Even though I had body issues and probably preferred to foreplay with our shirts on, our clothes gradually came off stage by stage. 

I was a little thankful that the lack of light contributed to partially eclipsing my insecurities. I was just very aware of the fact that I have nothing to distract or cover up my flaws now, and that the truth of what they are, what my body is, is 100% in motion. I was certainly having the insecure ceremony in my own head, but then I told myself it wouldn't be logical for me to bring that baggage in here and let the issues spoil this "hard earned" present moment.

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ]

I laid on top of him in bed and continued smooching as we felt each other up. Although I was mostly staring down on him, but I also enjoyed it when we switch positions and his weight pins down on me as I lie facing up to kiss and smell him.

E told me to kiss his back and entertain him from behind. As I worked my way, my fingers fondled his lightly stubbled jaw before slipping my index finger into his mouth. He enclosed his lips euphorically around and playfully sucked and tongued. "Wow, this guy really knows what passionate sex is without having to tell him how to indulge in my finger-in-mouth fantasy."

Throughout the whole back kissing activity, I felt so manly and in control because I was on top. The erected tool in my bulging brief was literally pressing up against his ass as I worked his back, alternating between kissing, nipping, sucking and releasing hot breaths. I was also grinding myself on him, it felt good. I inhaled his neck, kissed his eyelids, sucked his earlobe and did every possible thing I could to enjoy this present moment, a moment where I am experiencing ecstasy with another attractive guy as he moaned in human vulnerability.

I fondled his circumcised penis with my bare hands and it wasn't even average I think. However the size didn't really bother me at all because I was more contented with the fact that I am now finally experiencing some fun with a good-looking guy I'm interested in tasting.

When he reciprocated the fondle, I had to tell him to slow way down because I was uncircumcised and that he was giving my unsheathed helmet all kinds of overwhelming sensation that range from being very intense to uncomfortable, pleasurable to overly stimulating. Perhaps I couldn't find my comfort rhythm and the absence of lube didn't help much.

To try something different, I went down and blew him with the desire of wanting to please. I sheathed my teeth, executed it nice and smooth and slow."Man, I have dreamt of this every time I ate a banana while feeling horny. Here we all are!" Blowing him was fun for a while, but then I started noticing that my technique wasn't going anywhere. Well, at least this was field practice for me, even if it wasn't the best he's ever experienced.

After about 10 minutes, I was kissing him again in the position when we first started. While loving him with my mouth, he cleverly tucked my protruding penis between his thighs and closed tightly. This was where I registered what he was trying to do and I instinctively moved vigorously  to pander to an itch. "Hey there we go!  Fucking his thighs, just like how I've read it somewhere before. Haha." Man, it feels good. In a couple of grinds, I told him I was gonna come and I kissed him passionately as I pushed and pressed my body against his. I held him close and tight, and released all of myself, my mind, my soul, my love, my primitive behaviour on him.

It wasn't a mind-blowing ejaculation, but it was satisfying. As we were kissing and making out again, he jerked himself off till he came. I indulged him and made sure I returned a favour by being extremely attentive. Maybe because a part of me was guilty of being inexperienced or not competent enough in sex to contribute to his overall build up.

He moaned lightly as he climaxed, after in which we cuddled, hug and smooched intimately. We got into a comfortably tight hugging position and laid there in intimacy, trying to enjoy the relaxing moment that comes after one releases himself. After a while, he suggested to wash ourselves up and we each took turns to use the bathroom.

Surprisingly after washing up, I went along with the flow and found us cuddling in bed together again. He took the liberty and adjusted the quilt so it covers us both. We hugged tightly as we closed our eyes and revelled in the comfort, the security, the intimacy and the warmth in our hearts. "How?", I pondered. "How is it possible that a spectrum of human sensations and emotions are capable of coming together in a cohesive melody, to form this beautiful feeling that I can never articulate into words?"

I parked my face beside his neck in embrace of his tree trunk shoulders and chest. It hit me that this phase of the evening was actually the best part of it all. This physical closeness with another man, the silent proximity between us, is something I've never experienced before in my  life.

As he caressed and ran his fingers all over my body in emulation of affection and touch, I became very conscious and my head was just flooded with insecure thoughts of myself. I was very aware of the fact that we are no longer a ball of sensations, but sensible minds who can now clearly perceive things without being led astray.

After another 30 minutes of cuddling and laying in intimacy, it was late and time for me to make a move. As we got up and put on our clothes, we'd touch and caress each other. One notable act being the hugging, we couldn't stop smooching each other.

The side table lamp is now in illumination and I had to mentally induce a protective charm around my head to ward off the encroachment of insecure thoughts that just came charging. We chatted, hugged and kissed intermittently as I recomposed myself.

"Are the people in your house already asleep? What are you going to tell them about your now crumpled shirt? Hahaha."

"I don't know, I have no idea actually. Hahaha. Hopefully they wouldn't notice anything."

As I bid him goodbye and drove myself home, my heart felt so light and joyfully at peace. It made me think about all that has happened within the last 48 hours. Had I not been painfully desperate for the past weekends, would it truly have led to this? So kids, does this mean that being desperate actually has its own pros to getting you something? I marvel very much at the fact that he and I are basically just strangers who've met, but he ended up being the one who gave me my very first one-on-one experience. And for that, I am grateful to him.


  1. How absolutely wonderful! There really is no other experience in life like it! A happiness you so well deserve!

  2. I am really glad to hear this story, you are a good storyteller. Also I am really happy that you had enjoyed it!!!

    1. Thanks Edo! I really appreciate your words. :)

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