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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Are You Out to Get Before You Can Give?

I remember reading a sentence somewhere about why people with a certain kind of mindset and character would fail in business, in life or in any other endeavours that they pursue, and it read:

Because the universe will never reward those who are out to get, before they can give.

As soon as I registered the powerful sentence in my head, I realised how true it was. On the other hand, this theory floated to mind as I was spending the entire weekend tweaking my online cruising profile because it just wasn't yielding the positive results I wanted in the guy department. 

As I look through other profiles in the spirit of wanting to do some research, I noticed how they most often tend to be crafted in a way that suggests what the guy behind it should be getting before they are even willing to give. 

A few good basic examples of this practice would be expecting an inexperienced guy to indulge in full Sadomasochism without first offering vanilla, giving an extensive list of which ethnicity gets priority in meeting the picture-less profile, requesting for face pictures without wanting to show theirs, or getting one party to reveal more about themselves without wanting to share theirs. 

Christ. Sometimes, I do think that I might be foolish for thinking that I am first and foremost, a civilised human being and a gentlemen before a homosexual, and that the universe will never reward those who are out to get, before they can give.

However, in the cruising and dating world of the gay fraternity where the entire social system thrives heavily on selfishness and on the survival of the hottest, I can't help but wonder if I really am the bigger fool for bringing it up, or even contemplating the relevance of this theory in the context that I've just mentioned.

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