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Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Youthful Boy or the Older Hot Guy?

I was watching an episode of Queer As Folk (US) and there was a scene in which the character Justin, a cute 17 year old high school boy, was trying to get the attention of the guy he loves, 29 year old Brian Kinney at a popular gay club. 

A hot sex machine who can get any guy he wants, Brian is what every gay man dreams to be and dreams to have. Known for his looks, his body, his confidence and everything else that he is, he adores the single life and refuses to acknowledge young Justin's love for him.

Brian was dancing with 2 other hot guys on the floor in which he plans to go home with. Then Justin in frustration of being invisible, took off his shirt and immersed himself in the music within close proximity to Brian's partners to entice them.

Within seconds, the hotter guys noticed a younger Justin and began turning their attention towards him, completely disregarding a now seemingly "older" Brian. The reality of that scene is that Justin was a youthfully coveted boy in a sea of hotter gay men who wants him.

Brian in light of not wanting to be seen as the older hot guy who was ditched, decided to dance his way into having Justin all to himself. As they embraced, Justin smiled with pride as he went from being invisible to getting what he wanted. I couldn't get over how brilliant that scene was.

As somebody who still struggles with self-image, that episode reminded me of my silly plan of wanting to take absolute care of myself in my twenties in order to maintain my youth. This would enable me to stay attractive and stand out in a youth-obsessed crowd when everybody else who was hot at my age will start to face the reality of growing old as I'm awarded the hotter-as-you-get-older card. 

Even though the odds of me achieving is probably infinitesimally small, but you can't blame a guy for giving wishful thinking an imaginative try.

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