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Monday, 22 July 2013

"Son, The Answer Lies Entirely In Your Hands"

A learned old man was highly respected by the simple village folks for his wisdom and timely counsel. All but one cynical young man, who wanted to outwit him in front of the villagers...

Cynical Young Man: [thought]
Here's a trick to prove the old man wrong! I will ask him to predict if this little bird in my hand is dead or alive... If he says it's dead, I will set it free and if he says, it's alive, I will crush it to death...

Cynical Young Man:
"Oh, learned one! Can you tell me if the little bird in my hand is alive or dead?"

The wise man saw through the youngster's trick and replied...

Wise Man:
"Son, the answer lies entirely in your hands!"

Copyrighted story is found in a book by Insight Publishers.

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