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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Important Tips to Further Secure a Successful Meet-Up

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Unless you're planning to remain as virtual friends and chat, the gay apps alone are not going to secure your meeting with a guy. If you're serious about meeting each other, then you will at the bare minimum, need his phone number to contact him directly via text messaging.

So how do we go about asking for phone numbers without having the other party contemplate if he should be giving it to you? This is where another set of mobile applications comes in. 

After a couple of exchanges with a guy, ask if he uses any kind of mobile messaging service such as those mentioned below. The most popular one I find up till date is still WhatsApp. If he says yes and agrees to talk there, then you already have a reason to exchange phone numbers. I'll explain below.

I highly recommend this app because most guys usually have it. It allows you to chat for free on your smartphone via internet connection. Each account or contact is based solely on an active mobile phone number. So by using WhatsApp and getting guys to chat here, we would:

 have a really good excuse to exchange mobile phone numbers.
● suggest that we are serious in meeting him outside the fast-paced gay apps.
● already have direct access to their phone number for contact.
● stay closely in touch via the device that will go with them anywhere.
● (sometimes) see a display picture of them and a time stamp of their last presence.

2. Skype
Skype is a famous program that helps people keep in touch for free. Use this only if you want to chat or get to know each other virtually. If you want to meet up for real, you'd still need to exchange concrete phone numbers.

3. Line or WeChat
I don't use them that much, but they are similar to WhatsApp. A good alternative to have as some guys might actually be using these instead of the one I proposed. So make sure you ask! 

4. Regular Text Messaging / Calls
The real deal. If both parties don't have a problem contacting each other via direct text messaging or calls to arrange a meet up, then this might well be the fastest way in getting you close up to a guy.

Remember never to call the other person directly before having some form of consent or permission that the other party is comfortable in accepting them. Guys might sometimes be in difficult positions whereby calls from third party guys are not welcomed.

So here it is, a post to help novices out on how to break into the gay circle via mobile apps. Unfortunately, I can't teach you how to talk to a guy because I'm still not in the least bit qualified in that department. So you will have to test that out on your own.

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