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Thursday, 18 April 2013

The Guy Who Gave 4.055 Points

I am not about to start focusing on minor stuff, but this is just too good of a story not to share as part of my ongoing journey. Yesterday a guy on Grindr said "Hi", so I responded. After a couple of one-word exchanges, he finally asked for a clear face picture. Truth is I wasn't really that interested, but I showed him a face picture anyway because, oh I don't know I'm a fool who believes in being broad-minded?

Guess what was his response to me? "4.055 pts" and then he stopped talking completely. Is that what his damn profile meant when it read: average<8.066 pts... sorry not interested, saying this cos don't wanna hurt you. Wow, I did not understand that.

"Is this guy fucking kidding me?" My jaw dropped as I hung electromagnetically after being doused in such ludicrousness. Damn, I really didn't know what to say. Heck I didn't even know if I was supposed to laugh because my heart was just cringing in sensation.

"Christ. 3 decimals? Does he give himself 2.099 pts then if I'm a 4.055? Is he mentally ill? Does he know that he's not even close to resembling the ideal man? Does he know that there are 6.4 billion people living in the world?" My mind was just flooded with sentences.

This dude is kind of funny and I'm thankful that he came into contact with me. One because he serves as a strong reminder of how I have to continue to rise above it all. Second, he makes me realise that I am actually platinum beyond points and it gives me hope that I will one day find the real thing.


  1. What an asshole. He'd better enjoy looking in the mirror because that's as close to intimate human contact as he's gonna to get for the rest of his life.

  2. another day, another idiot on grindr