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Tuesday, 19 November 2013

'Stalk-Walking' a Hot Guy Up Close

It was Friday evening in the capital city, and I found myself walking through one of its bustling shopping districts after a meeting in a nearby office. With every step that I took, I immersed myself in the traffic, the sounds, the sights and the flow of cosmopolitan pedestrians. I was on my way towards another upmarket district of the city centre.

"Is it just me or are there lots of good-looking people on the street today on a Friday evening? How long have I banished myself to hanging out only in the suburbs? Since when was this city capable of playing host to congregations of good-looking foreigners?", I thought in silent observation.

After crossing a certain busy road onto a public square, I started to notice that the towering lean figure walking in front of me belonged to a handsome hot guy, who suddenly stopped in his track to ask a certain girl by the fountain for directions on how to get to the same destination I was headed to.

"Oh my god, did you hear that?! He's headed towards where we're going!", the inner hormonal teenage girl in me starts to awaken to mischief.

As I walked pass them, I had a strong urge to tell the hot guy: "Hey, I'm headed that way too! Would you like to walk together?" Unfortunately, I couldn't pull enough courage to do it. Would I have embarrassed myself or be perceived as a crazy stalker if I did? Oh-kay now let it go. Let it go! You're obsessing.

I carried on walking, but slowed down at every opportunity until the handsome hot guy caught up. Man, he looked amazing in his well-fitted navy blue polo-t, man jeans and polished leather shoes. There were firm bulges everywhere, the kind that tells you a man is gym fit. He exudes a certain air of confidence and intimidation into the atmosphere surrounding him when he moves. 

"Well if we can't talk to him, at least we'll get to inspect him from head to toe within close distance", the inner Mafia voice speaks.

Throughout the next 20 minutes of the journey on foot, I couldn't take my eyes off him even though I tried very hard not to make it obvious. We were surrounded by pedestrians and other shoppers who were also using the same route.

After a while, the handsome hot guy started to notice me and would purposely turn his head to look at the side but actually in fact, he was using the corner of his left eye to gauge if I might be following him. The inner Mafia is alerted but we think he doesn't deserve to flatter himself.

As I observe him like an eagle stalking its large prey, I tried very hard to interpret every second of his body language to gauge if there was a slight chance that he might actually be "sending me signals". Signals I delude myself that I "might have missed". Maybe he discreetly wants me to follow him? Maybe we might end up together in the men's room? Or his bachelor bed for the weekend? I did a man giggle on the inside.

At one point, when I was closely behind him, he stopped in his track again to ask another passing girl if he was headed towards the right direction. Ho! Handsome-hot-guy-cum-ladies-man chose to ask another girl for directions again when I've been walking right behind him all along? What kind of a card is he trying to play? Jeez!

As we finally arrived at the internal atrium of our destination, I gave it one last linger. Hoping one more time that there really were no exchange of signals between me and him before going our separate ways. He disappeared confidently into the crowd of another wing and I looked on from afar. As I sighed a huge breath and ascended the escalator to my destination, I couldn't help but judge myself again for being so foolish and invisible.

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