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Monday, 11 November 2013

Half-Hearted Sex in the Car | ❶

As mentioned in the last post, I've been hanging around obsessively on the gay apps again. On Friday evening, I found myself in a messaging frenzy with a couple of candidates from Grindr for some potential fun while striving to put on my best dining behaviour at the restaurant with my family.

One of the guys were really receptive towards me in which I suspect is the allure of my new profile picture. This isn't the first time he and I have chatted. He contacted me a couple of times back when he sees me within his Grindr grid range but is always reluctant to provide a face picture or something concrete that I can trust. This time he did and in his picture, he's a young good-looking guy so I continued chatting.

He's a top who wants me for some fun that night because in his own words, he feels "very horny just looking at my new profile picture." He mentioned that he's an amazing kisser and he really wants to do that while jerking me off. Christ, that is so hot! He got me.

After I came home from dinner, the intermittent discussion continues on WhatsApp as to whether or not we're going to meet up for some fun. But the catch was that he couldn't accommodate, and there was no way I would ever invite him over to the home I share with my family.

He suggested that I pick him up and we drive around while he engages me in activities 'at the wheel' so to speak. What the fuck?! Is he for real? I sensibly declined because firstly, I'm not interested in putting my life at risk and secondly, I wouldn't be able to concentrate. What if we accidentally leave some sort of unintended evidence in the car? How am I going to explain it?

The time was already closing on to 11pm and we were still chatting, having not found any solution. I decided to just let it go and stay home. A voice in me kept repeating: "Missed opportunity, missed opportunity!" But planning a sex date can feel emotionally and mentally draining too when somebody doesn't want to meet you halfway on top of being persistent.

I didn't know what I was thinking but somehow he managed to convince me to pick him up from a public place and then take things together from there. My instincts told me that I should have asked for another face picture because something didn't feel right, but I knocked that thought away thinking that I only have myself to blame if he turned out looking otherwise. I left the house telling myself not to over think things if I were to go after surreptitious adventures like that.

God I hope I'm making the right decision and taking the right risk! On the way to pick him up, I made a quick pit stop to buy some mints and tissues. As my car glided slowly pass the spot where I'm supposed to pick him, I saw a figure of a man and I knew in dropping disappointment that the picture he sent didn't depict him accurately in the present.

My car finally made a U-turn and stopped. He came up, opened the door and climbed into the front passenger seat. "Hi, thanks for coming!" was the first sentenced he uttered. "Sure, no problem", I answered calmly.

"You sure don't look like the picture you sent me", I questioned in civility under masked annoyance and angriness. "Is it okay?", he asked. "Well I have shorter hair now... So maybe that's why it seems different", he justified. 

I felt kinda pissed and taken for granted. Oh pathetic please! Sure, maybe shorter hair and 10 birthdays! Jeez! I struggled not to go into regret and just try to enjoy the calculated risk I've taken. Although he might not be conventionally good-looking, but he isn't ugly either. At least for a 37 year old man who gave me a younger picture of himself.

So I drove aimlessly around the district to find us a dark spot as we spoke casually. He reached out to hold my left hand tightly and uttered "Thanks for coming!". "No problem", I answered calmly as his touch quelled whatever resentment I had towards him. But it still didn't mean that I was physically attracted to this guy.

At one point he turned to look at me and uttered "Man, I can't wait to kiss you!" as his right hand moved towards kneading the bulge in my pants. I had a mild erection not just from the erotic moment that came out of spontaneity, but also for having a guy say something like that to me. The thrill made me feel like the teenage boy I never had the chance to be.

Throughout the aimless drive, I felt him inspect me from the side and watch him come to the conclusion that he really wants to go all the way with me tonight. He started talking me into going to a nearby hotel so that he can have my ass in proper private fashion. "Jeez, who the fuck does he think he is? And what makes him think that I am going to agree to a hotel after all the not-up-to-expectation crap he pulled on me tonight?!", shouts the inner voice.

I didn't even bother asking him if he was going to be the one to fork out the full cost for a hotel room because I am not paying for sex! He is after all, a citizen of a neighbouring country and they are well known for being stingy or not very generous. I said no and stuck to the plan of finding us a secluded dark spot.

After driving around for about 15 minutes, I finally turned into a deserted commercial lot and found us a place in a very dark secluded back alley. It was perfect for car sex and he agreed. So I parked the vehicle and killed the engine. We unbuckled our seat belts and visually surveyed our surrounding one more time. After instructing me never to unlock the car doors for the sake of our own safety, we leaned closer and he kissed me. 

[ To Be Continued... Half-Hearted Sex in the Car |  ]

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  1. I am looking forward to reading the rest.

    I have often engaged in car sex