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Thursday, 18 October 2012

"Contentment Leaves Us Far from Evolution"

About 2 years back, I remember being at a conference in which various influential or successful figures within my field of study and the industry were invited to talk about their work. One of the speakers was a native resident of a neighbouring capital city. Of which, recent riots and protests to call for political change within his country have generated massive amounts of international publicity.

During his speech, we somehow drifted to the topic of his city. In which he casually commented: "Your city is a nice city. Very peaceful, unlike mine which is now famous for the recent chaos and riots that have been going on."

The auditorium fit for a concert hall, chuckled and laughed with mild disdain. Everybody within the region probably felt a sense of pride that their city was not like his.

Upon seeing that reaction from the audience, the speaker smiled and responded confidently: "You laugh. But I can tell you that this city of yours, will never be like ours. It will never experience change because, contentment leaves us far from evolution."

I sat there, completely blown away, revelling in the echo of what he just said and the silence that engulfed the hall. "Contentment leaves us far from evolution".

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