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Friday, 7 March 2014

When Your Dream Isn't Manifesting As Dreamt

"What do you say to someone who’s trying so hard to live their dream and yet nothing has happened, and then they say: 'Should I give up?' "

"What do you tell them?"

Spiritual Teacher:
"Well if you’re living your dream, what are you looking for? See people try to look for their dream or find their purpose, when the truth is, you have to do what you do, and allow the purpose to unfold. Don’t go after the person, go after what brings you joy, doing what you love, being present moment by moment, and everything else will unfold."

"When people say: 'I’m living my dream but nothing’s happening', they’re not telling the truth. They have an attachment to a particular outcome, and therefore, that’s what they’re going for, but they’re not telling the truth about it."

"And I have to say that, forgiveness is such a powerful tool. And those people that aren't living their dream, or when their dream isn't manifesting in the way they want it to, I guarantee you they have somebody to forgive. And it's such an easy thing, it’s such a powerful thing, but so difficult. 

"So forgive everybody. For everything."

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