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Thursday, 6 March 2014

Afternoon Lust Over a Hot CEO Named Sam

I was invited to attend a media interview today with a hot CEO named Sam. He is the founder of a franchise event where a couple of corporate parties including mine, is currently involve in. I've seen his picture in a newspaper write-up before, but never thought his looks commanded any 'special attention'.

However when I met him in flesh for the first time today, the blood-hungry vampire in me was suddenly awakened from a deep slumber and put on high alert. The man was a stud in his mid thirties. I could smell and devour every ounce of the pheromones that make him the tall and lean sex-on-legs that he is. His handshake to me was dominantly firm and hard. My nose in particular, was just picking up scents throughout the entire time he and I were in the same room.

I couldn't help but spent every moment observing the guy like a jaguar, trying to look for possible eye-contact but to no avail. Okay, so he's straight. Not to mention egoistically arrogant with the way he acts around us. I felt so incredibly aroused just by staring at the warm veins on his tanned neck, his lips, his earlobes, his biceps, his open palms and his fingers. I wanted to explore him completely using only my mouth.

There was a moment where his right ankle was exposed at a 4 figure seated position and I wanted to sink my teeth into his bare instep. I spiralled into a galaxy of my own. He's constructed out of all the classic features that ignite the sexual fire in me. Stubble studded jaw, chiselled face, spiky hair, dark dreamy eyes, amazing hilly physique and arousing skin. I molested every part of his upper and lower body with the only way I know how, my sight.

Just the confident way he moves and the way he talks. God, yum. There were intervals at which he casually pulls on his own t-shirt and caresses his own hands. It was so distracting and it drove me insane. But what really fuelled the radioactive warmth and blood in my attention for him, along with the mid-erected tool in my pants, was his heady scent. It was the perfect mix of a sporty cologne, coupled with his natural masculine scent. Jesus. He smells great. I was lost for words.

When facing a journalist or on live camera, I witnessed how he was able to turn on a certain public image at the snap of a damn finger. And with that, he became the most skilfully charming person with the media. I have no idea where this is all coming from, but I found that arrogance of his so sexually attractive. Good-looking 'ass hole' kinda guy?

Although I wouldn't peg this round of arousal as something completely uncontrollable, but during one of my few visits to the bathroom, I took the opportunity to sort myself out. Effectively blowing off some stream with a rehearsed image of him and I pressing up against each other in front of a mirror wall. I repeated the process a couple more times after I came home and here I am writing a chapter on this.

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