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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sexually Hungry At The Mall

A close friend and I were spending a couple of hours at the mall the other day when she decided to walk into a clothing store. With every step that we took towards the entrance, my eyes detected the far presence of 3 attractive jocks in the shop. They were all tall and good-looking with an amazing athletic built. 

The first guy was browsing through the same rack as us and standing right next to him brought out the familiar stench of insecurity in me. His other 2 siblings were each hotter than he was and with each one that I checked out, the insecure hormonal creature in me was desperately heating up at the thought of embracing the hottest sibling tightly from the back and committing some severe sexual offence. I want to pin him tight against a wall, run my nose and lips all over his cheek and force myself on hi-

My Friend: [smiling]
"Let me know when you're done fantasising about the eye candies and we can go."

[In My Head]
What? Wait, how does she kn-

"Fine. Okay let's go. Now."
"The longer we stay here the more unattractive I feel anyway."

My Friend: [trailing behind]
"Oh we can go? Wait up!"

About 5 minutes into moving on, instincts told me to turn my head back for a glance and there it was. Another cute attractive guy, walking behind us. I looked at my friend and mouthed the words: "Eye-Candy!". As he picked up the pace and overtook us on my right, my eyes caressed every single part of him and his formal attire. From his short black hair to his tanned neck, from the back of his tight-fitted work shirt and slacks right down to his polished leather shoes.

I had an instant boner that created a huge tent in my own trousers. I stopped walking and told my friend the uncomfortable dilemma that was growing inside. She immediately gave me the shopping bag containing her purchase to casually cover up my front while we waited for 'junior' to subside. It was an embarrassing moment but thankfully she was somebody who understood my frustration for sex.

Later on, we bumped into him again sitting at a lounge. There was an awkward exchange of eye-contact because he recognised us from the way we were noticing him. He knew he was cute. All I wanted to do right then and there, was take him against a wall and just have him as a gratifying snack before dinner. That whatever the deal was between the two of us, should be settled not only like a man, but man on man!

I don't know what's gotten into me this week, but I think my frustrating libido and psychotic hunger for sex is slowly clawing its way back into my conscious mind and body.


  1. I find very interesting that you have such a sex drive... I wish I had not lost mine, lately i have not any sexual desire, even if I see some eye candy, I just feel that they are cute and that's all, but i feel no excitement anymore!

    Even if someone is fun and into me... I just dont care.

    So If you can share some of that sex drive with me, I'd be very happy.

    1. Could this lack of excitement just be a phase for you because you're going through some rough patches? And sure, I'll be happy to share some of it with you if the opportunity presents itself. lol!