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Friday, 29 June 2012

Guys And Their Haircuts

Once again, it's time for a haircut. I don't know why, but there's something daunting about going to the salon that always puts me in a nervous mood. Although the idea of getting a haircut would linger in my head, but it usually takes a while before I actually make an appointment to go get it over and done with. A haircut has become an essential part of my life as my hair grows really fast. Two and a half months is probably the maximum duration I can go without looking dishevelled. However the question is, why do I find it such a chore as opposed to it being a grooming session that is meant to be enjoyed?

Moments before the cut, I often wonder about the outcome. What if it doesn't turn out well? What if it's not what I wanted? What if it's a disaster that could further degrade my confidence for weeks? The process in which you sit and witness the transformation happen in front of a big mirror makes me feel kind of awkward. Maybe, just maybe it's the fear of change and unfamiliarity. The unwillingness to let go of the quotidian image I've grown to feel safe and comfortable in.

It's embarrassing to say that the ensuing phases of my confidence, do to a large extend lie in the hands of a good hair stylist. Because whenever I get a haircut that makes me look good, I wish I could freeze it so that it stays in the exact condition, length and texture to immortalise my new found sense of invincibility. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is life and growth finds it way. Growth is good because it allows us to constantly induce change within ourselves. A world without growth would mean that we'll never get the chance to change a "bad haircut".

However, regardless of the outcome I've always felt fresh and positive after a haircut. The sense of lightness that comes after a trip to the salon certainly makes me feel different and it pushes me to look forward. Much like the seasons that come and go, with every last leaf and every new snowfall, I'm glad to be in the next.


  1. I have not seen somebody (especially a guy) so dedicated to a haircut! Wow! I have seen (and I myself included) a lot of guys and girls who just care for their hair /after/ their haircuts - hairspray, curlers (mine mine!) and colour. This went into detail about the very thought that should go through when somebody goes for a haircut. Wow, what a thought process.

    I never get good haircuts.
    I cannot seem to be able to say the right things whenever I go to get my hair cut. I don't know terminology of hair as well as I should, obviously. I am only thinking about this now because my hair has really REALLY outgrown (which is nice, but unattractive tbh)

    I don't know, I'm rambling. Kudos to you and your (probably) ~fabulous~ hair.

    - Daniel

    1. Hi there. I've learnt to show the guy a picture of what I want instead of explaining. Trust me, it works every time!