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Monday, 25 June 2012

How the Law of Attraction Brought Me To New York City And Dubrovnik

Here's a little bit of inspirational positivity to lighten up the occasional depressing mood on this blog. The other day while unpacking some items which arrived home from overseas, I retrieved a big poster that was kept in its tube container for about a year and completely forgot about its existence. The poster depicts an aerial view of Midtown Manhattan taken from atop the Empire State Building at dusk overlooking north.

As I rolled it out, I froze for a few seconds as it hit me hard that I actually was in New York six months ago, and saw that very same view while I was atop the observation deck of the Empire State Building with the wind in my face. I can still remember the sound of cars honking, along with the iconic FDNY firetruck and NYPD police car sirens echoing in the background.

I've always dreamt of visiting New York, maybe even live there someday if I'm lucky enough in life. So I bought that poster three years ago at a fresher's fair when I first started university and hung it on my student accommodation wall. It was situated nicely in front of my bed that almost every night when I lie down, my eyes would catch a glimpse of that incredible image of the-city-that-never-sleeps before falling asleep. I sometimes stare at it for longer periods out of enjoyment. 

When I graduated and moved out of my room, I packed everything into boxes to be shipped home. It's been a year since I last held that poster in my hand, and it was also well within that period that I unexpectedly went to New York.

There was another occassion while I was waiting to be served at a travel agency, there was a picture of a small picturesque town in Croatia being displayed on the digital screen. I remember being so mesmerised by that picture that I memorised the name of the place, "du-brrov-nik"Dubrovnik, and quietly told myself that someday, I will make it there. One and a half years later somehow, I found myself walking the cobbled streets and smelling the sea side breezes of that very same town.

Unravelling the forgotten poster of New York six months after my trip and suddenly realising all these things have reignited a certain sense of positivity in myself again. A picture is worth a thousand words and it's one of the most effective tool in inducing the Law of Attraction through the power of visualisation. Maybe this is nature's way of telling me that despite all the negativity, I should start believing in things again.

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