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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sex Date With A Broadcasting Executive | ❷

One of the things that struck me was when we were talking about relationships. I asked him about his history with romance, and also if he has a personal view on monogamy versus  an open-relationship.

     “I think gay relationships usually begin with lust. It all starts with lust where you meet somebody and you have a lot of sex and you go through this getting-to-know-each-other process together. And then slowly it turns into genuine companionship where one supports the other lovingly, emotionally or vice versa. But what happens when the sex fades? I personally don’t expect to get all the sexual fulfilment from just one person. Wait, you’re asking this question as somebody who has never had a relationship, so does this mean that this is an issue you’re thinking about for yourself in the future or?”, he asked.

     “You know what is so interesting about this topic? Is that I actually realised for myself that as a guy, I think we are the way we are, driven by sexual temptation is not because we’re gay per se, but because we’re men! We’re men. And for the longest time I couldn’t quite figure it out. I couldn’t quite figure out if my thirst for guys is because I am a selfish picky person who has underlying issues with commitment? Or am I just… I don’t know. I’m still on a journey to discovering what I need. Maybe you should just ask me again in ten years and I’ll tell you what I found out for myself.” I replied with a big chuckle and he smiled uncontrollably.

“So what do you wanna do now?” he looked at me with an expression that is a cross between maintaining a level of professionalism, and also curious to see what my reply is. I have been asked this question so many times that I now know what it really means and the code it entails. So kids, if you’re new to the gay craft, keep this story with you in mind.

     “We can go back to your place if you want”, I replied with a straight face.
     “You wanna do that?”
     “Yeah sure.”
     “Okay. Let’s head off then.”

We got up and left. Throughout the entire five minute drive to his place, I was very well composed. The juvenile anxiety and awkwardness I used to feel whenever I am within that time frame of following a guy home for sex has dissipated, a great sign that I am getting used to this sort of experience. In fact, it felt very normal as he parked the car and we adjourned to his apartment unit.

There, we shot the breeze while subtly closing in on the distance into each other’s personal bubble. Then I lamely asked: 
“So, where do you want me?” As soon as I heard myself say it, I wanted to slap my own palm to my face. That line sounded so commercial. He smiled, we made out right in front of the entrance of his bedroom door. Oh my God, this is a good kiss! I love kissing this guy! 

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ] 
 - - -  Please STOP reading now if you're not comfortable  - - -

We continued to tilt our heads and kissed for a good five minutes before coming to a pause where he just stared into my eyes, and I lamely asked again: “So uh do you want to start on the couch or should we just go straight into the room?”

 “It’s up to you, what do you feel comfortable with?” he asked.
      “The room’s fine,” I responded and so we did.

We each took a side of the bed and started to strip down to our underwear while continuing to chat as if we were familiar fuck buddies who are used to a routine like this. We slide gracefully under the covers together and once again, I am greeted by this inexplicable warmth and emotional thrill of being naked in bed with another man I cannot articulate.

His body felt so good up against mine, and mine against his. It was an amazing symphony of warmth combined with intermittent chills sent by the cold August winter. We kissed, made out and rolled around for a good few minutes before our briefs finally came off and we were grinding our tool against one another.

Initially I had no plans of letting him fuck me, but after more amazingly crazy kissing, fore play and blow jobs between one another, I could feel that he now wants to fuck, in which I said no because I still could not bring myself to enjoy being a bottom. I would do it if it pleases someone, but then I struggle with having that uncomfortable sensation up my ass. 

"Why?", he looks at me and smile as he waits for an answer. Er, how about no period! But obviously I couldn't say that so I said not today. After a couple of minutes, I felt like saying no was like closing the door to another opportunity to maybe enjoying anal sex. So I took a pause and went to his bathroom to clean myself up and prepare for anal.

As I came back to bed, the foreplay continued as he tried to enter me. After a couple of adjustments and tries, he was finally in and started to grind. It took a while and a few thrusts to get use to the uncomfortable sensation, but eventually I just let him have his fun. 

The thing I hated most was when he keeps attempting to pull out and re-enter via different positions. The uncomfortable sensation in my ass is just overriding the pleasure I am trying to experience from this erotic scene of being fucked. Damn it, where's my focus? I can't multitask!

In the end, he fucked me twice in between the amazing A-grade foreplay and kisses. There was this one particular moment where he kept kissing this particular spot on my neck just behind my earlobe and that drove me insane. I was so turned on that I instructed him to do it as I jerked myself off to climax and came a river. 
Whoa, what the hell was that? That was amazing!

     "Happy Sunday!", I said while looking at him in the eye while we were both going in for a kiss.
     "Happy Sunday", he smiled in return and we both giggled.

We then cuddled and laid around in bed for a while before hopping into the shower to clean up. Back outside the master bedroom, the scene of picking up our clothes and underwear that was strewn all over the place resembled very much like one I've seen too many times on TV. I was ecstatic. Thank you God for letting my childhood fantasies come true!

As I collected my watch, phone and wallet from the side table, I noticed this really cute soft toy that fits into my palm next to his alarm clock and picked it up to inspect it as he came in.

     "Aaw, look at this. It's a little soft grey Dugong! It's so cute, I love it", I commented.
    "Yeah it's from my niece. It's a Man-a-tee", he pronounced it in the most Australian way to say Manatee. I found it so amusing that I kept repeating it in my head. Man-a-tee!

Back in the living room, he went to pour me a glass of water as I flipped through the travel and cookery books on his coffee table. The plan was to leave in a while, but he parked himself next to me on the couch to chat which is really nice. I sipped my water as we talked.

Gradually, I started to relax on top of him and he opens out to cuddle me again. I love how naturally comfortable we are with each other and didn't hesitate to hug him back. We didn't talk very long before we started to kiss again. One kiss turned into two, two kisses turned into six, and six turned into a make out that we both couldn't stop. Jesus, I just came about 15 minutes ago I think on the bed. And now I find myself wanting more?!

I couldn't resist of course and decided to live in the moment. We continued to make out until I finally asked if he would like to go back into the room for a quick mutual release. He agreed and once again we were back in his room, stripping down to bare it all for one another. We got onto bed and started to jerk each other off with plenty of foreplay. Within five minutes, we both came satisfyingly good and the clean up routine repeated itself.

      "Whoa. That was amazing"
      "Yes it is", was his reply back in the living room and he leaned forward to kiss me again.
      "I gotta say, that has never happened to me before. That was fun!", I chuckled and so did he.

Soon, it was time for me to go. He wanted to drop me off in his black Mercedes-Benz again but I told him I'd prefer to walk home, for I needed the walk to work out some emotions or clear my head after such an intense sex date. He was a little unsure whether if he should let me walk home but I reassured him that it was fine. And so he drew me a sketch of the directions and I was well on my way, not before he walked me down to his lobby via the stairs and pulling me in for surreptitious kisses in the fire escape.

     "God, I can feel your lip gloss", I said.
     "Yeah, sorry about that. Guess that means I need to stop kissing you."
     "Aren't you worried that there are security cameras in here?"
  "Nope, there aren't any. I know because I'm on the board for this apartment complex.", he flashed his killer smile at me.
     "Oh I see", I smiled in amusement.

The time was about 6pm and the sun was already dipping behind the buildings. My long walk home was filled with intense thoughts and analysis. I can't work out what it is but I knew that I was in a very good mood and could feel even my own after sex glow. 

It also hit me too that the outcome I was putting out to the universe via the Law of Attraction the night before came true. And that was written earlier in this post as: “To experience a satisfying sexual release with a good-looking guy I consider 'do-able. I’m going to leave it up to the universe now because I’m exhausted, and I’m going to stop looking. If it’s meant to be, it will come. It'll come.”


  1. Sounds amazing!! Glad to see the law of attraction in action ;)

    1. Thank you. It's always inspiring when it works, frustrating when it doesn't.

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