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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Dangerous Fun in the Office Toilet

Within the week of M² telling me it's complicated, he has also been sending me extreme let's-go-to-the-restroom signals every time we see each other. It's very tempting, but I was partially holding a grudge over the fact that he wasn't willing to meet me halfway. I would smile at him and then shift my focus back to the computer screen. That'll teach him a lesson that words mean business to me!

What irks me even more, was the fact that his signals are now even more obvious after he overheard my boss mentioning to everyone that my attachment with the company will soon end and I will move on to wherever life takes me.

One Friday after work, I caught M² lingering back and forth along the corridor leading up to the restroom as I waited patiently for the elevator. His signals for me to follow him into the restroom were very conspicuous, but for some reason I didn't give in. I think my sense of self worth at that time was high enough to give me an ego boost. 

However when I went home, I heard myself thought in regret: "Okay M, let's get real. You walked away. Where else and when are you ever going to get another opportunity to have fun like this? Rather than sulk over his attitude, why can't we turn this situation to our advantage and treat it like field practice to commit more sexual blunders that will contribute to you being a better lover for somebody who deserves it in the future?"

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ]

Last week, I was desperately in need of some physical loving and at the thought of not wanting to regret again, responded to his signals and followed him into the restroom. He was taking a leak at a urinal and I walked over quietly to caress his abdomen from the back before walking into an empty cubicle. Somebody else was occupying the one next to mine but I didn't care!

As predicted, he insulted my sense of emotional intelligence by positioning himself at the cubicle entrance without wanting to enter. Two can play at this game, for no human being and especially an indecisive guy like him is immune to temptation. I loosened up my pants and revealed the bulging tent in my briefs. He proceeded to touch it and helped himself into my underwear. I revelled in the sensation of his rough masculine hands on my penile foreskin and reciprocated by rubbing his package through his pants.

The neighbouring echo of a huge flush thundered the air and we stopped, but I kept my bulge in sight as it was the only card I could play so that he would think twice about walking away. He jerked his head towards the larger disabled cubicle and I made the switch as he waited for the guy to leave. I was giggling in silence as I watched how he had to engage himself in repeated small acts through the door gap in order to deter suspicion.

Another guy came in to use the cubicle next to mine and I became very annoyed at how these people were mere obstacles at delaying everything. As soon as the new guy closed the door to the one next to mine, M² walked into our disabled cubicle where I was waiting and locked the door behind him. I took a moment to savour that split second where I watched him enter for it was just so hot.

I was extremely happy at the fact that he and I are now in a secluded space where we can touch each other privately in an uncensored manner. He then looked at me in the eye and whispered "This is dangerous!" I responded with an index finger on my lips to mimic the universal sign of silence. Jeez, shut up Mr.Morality. Nobody has to know!

We finally pressed our bodies up against one another and started caressing appetisingly for a good couple of minutes. He lifted my shirt, closed his mouth around one of my nipples and started stimulating it heavily with his swirling tongue. I was speechless and completely lost in the ecstasy he was giving me.

He finally took a step back and started unbuckling the belt to his slacks. I immediately got the message that he wanted me to indulge him in some action so I knelt down and unzipped his fly. My mood for sex was elevated a notch as I saw his microfibre turquoise-coloured underwear. Using only my mouth against the smooth arousing underwear fabric, I teased him good down there. I inhaled the scent of his manliness which was the amazing kind, one that can only come from a very well groomed and hygienic man.

He couldn't take it any more and pulled out his erected tool himself. I proceeded to play with it as I got up, positioned the tip of our penises together and started swirling the helmets against each other in circular motion as the sensation bounced off between us. After a while, he pushed me down again to my knees and I engulfed his dick once again in my mouth. I love his tool because it was really a good-looking one. I couldn't avoid the preliminary gag-reflexes due to me still being a newbie at this, but gradually the blowjob moved on to him fucking my mouth and it was fun. 

As I slowly moved my way up to his chest, I took the opportunity to savour his lower abdomen. Although his abs didn't come in the form of a 6-pack, but it was definitely flat and rock hard. There was no excess of anything in sight and I was even more turned on by the fact that he is actually a very fit and masculine man. I went for his chest and well hardened male nipples as he savoured every second of my doing.

Later on, M² turned me around on my feet and spooned me from behind as I was pressed up against the cubicle wall. At that point, I was no longer my civilised self but merely a vulnerably aroused being who would give in to anything! Remembering what E and I did, I placed his dick in between my thighs and he began to move as he rubbed his body hard up against mine. 

A couple of minutes later, the head of his tool slowly found it's way up to the entrance of my ass.  Oh God, I am not ready for this today. There's no lube, no condom. It means I will be having unprotected anal, not to mention painful. Do I really wanna risk it? Damn it.

But all sense of logical thinking failed me as I was just so turned on by every single thing that was happening. At that point, I truly wondered if this is the part where people failed to be responsible to themselves because they were vulnerable in falling into temptations and the thrill that comes with risk?

Although he didn't try to force his way in, but I think I felt my ass gradually opening up to accommodate a small part of him, probably his helmet. He started grinding me hard as he pushed and rubbed himself incessantly on my body while holding me close. Christ it hurts! Anal really hurts, even if it's just his helmet. But man I wouldn't want him to stop either because this feels so wrong in an exciting way. Let's just go on with the flow and try to enjoy this pain.

Within those moments, I felt so uncivilised, so violated, so rebellious, so wanted! The fact that a handful of people were now noisily coming in to use the restroom without a clue as to how M² is breaking my boundaries in the disabled cubicle made it all the more thrilling for me.

He then went down and took me in his mouth. Finally! It's about time he sucks me, I hear from the back of my head. He blew me and what I felt was surprisingly good as opposed to the anticipated uncomfortable sensation that can sometimes come from retracted foreskin. His technique was rather surprising and I'm starting to enjoy what a nice blowjob entails.

He came back up, turned me around and resumed the prior position from which he was going to tease me from behind. I especially love it when he rests his jaw on my shoulders and inhale my neck as he pull me tight towards him. Still it was painful as he ground, but I'm getting the hang of it.

After a while, he realised that it was time to go for a meeting for which he is late. He slowed down the pace and finally zipped up his pants. However, I wasn't ready to let him go before I had my release. So I stopped him in his track for a bit, fondled his tool via that arousing underwear of his and started jerking myself off. I held him and stood close, inhaling his scent and his masculinity. This time, he was nice enough to indulge me and stood there to allow me to finish. 

He reached over and grabbed some toilet roll as I let myself revel in the feeling of being close to a man and found my thundering release. God... It's him... That fresh masculine scent that is the essence of the man that he is. I think I love him! Those snippets of thoughts pushed me over the edge and I held on tightly to my tool, rubbing and squeezing the head in hopes of reducing the impact of the orgasm that was about to hit me. But resistance was futile and I felt myself shot like a bullet into infinite space. 

Boy, I came hard and I came intensely good. It's been a while since I've shot an amazing load or had a mind-blowing ejaculation like this that flooded the corner. The perfect texture of my sperm soaked everything, my hands, the corner of the wall and floor, parts of my shoe. I was panting while trying to find my balance.

As I regained my ability to think logically again, my hands were still firmly enclosed around my penis as it continues to drip with cum. M² was still standing there staring. I felt an instant rush of embarrassment and shame because it was the first time another person had witnessed my vulnerability and ejaculation in all of its motion under broad fluorescent light.

When M² reached over with the tissue in hand wanting to help me out, I hesitated awkwardly. I looked at him with eyes that tell him its okay and gave him the accord to leave for his meeting while I stayed back to clean myself up. I patted his shoulder with my untouched left hand as a sign of thank you and he left the cubicle. 

After cleaning up, I walked out to the sink to freshen up. What I saw in the mirror were extremely flushed cheeks against slightly tanned skin, sleepy eyes and a mildly sweaty upper body. It was my after-sex look. Christ, this is really really obvious. There's no way I could go back into the office looking like this. I decided to give myself some time to recuperate in the toilet. I re-entered one of the cubicles and waited patiently. 

I have to admit that I secretly love this after-sex look on my face and wish that I could look like that most of the time, for it means that I'm having a good time and enjoying my sex life. After about 10 minutes, I walked out only to see those flushed cheeks staring once again back at me in the mirror. Damn it! This whole look just wouldn't go away. What am I going to do?!

The temperature in the toilet was hot and therefore probably wasn't contributing to the diffusion of the situation. I decided to give my face a last rinse and marched my way back to the office seat as normal as I can. To the outside world, I probably looked sick, but then again if anybody were to notice anything different, I'll just blame it on a really bad headache, hence the overwhelmingly flushed cheeks and sleepy eyes. Thankfully the time was already 5pm on a Friday evening and everybody was just too busy chilling with one another to realise notice me.


  1. It's interesting how pleasant things come in your way, isn't it? :) but for your happiness in the future, if you are not looking only for a good "party" try one thing. If he can not hold your hand AND hold you in his arms without touching you with erotic purposes, try to run away. Its good to have a huge release, but what will you do when yo need a chest to rest your tired head on? Pillows are extremely hard those times... Maybe its crazy, but if he will not firmly hold you by the hand, its going to end in an erotic encounter with bitter memory about. Don't let anyone mess with your heart. Better die alone than die alone and cry for what you have wasted your life :D

    1. At this point, I would love to find someone who can hold my hand because I'd like to experience what it feels like. But then again, I don't think that's gonna happen for me any time soon so I will just try to enjoy and take advantage of the situation as it comes.

      Those are some pretty neat words you've written there!