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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Hot Stud From The Gym Downstairs

So my work place is located on the highest level of this commercial building with a very popular premium gym chain just two floors down. Sometimes I don't know whether to be irritated, or grateful for the frequent eye-candies that come and go within the transitional space that we all occupy. Especially during a period where it's been a while since I last had any kind of fun and I'm starting to feel like I want a snack for myself.

The gym trainers in particular are always a treat because number one, they're somewhat attractive on their own, which I'm guessing is all part of the marketing strategy and image projection of the place. And number twotheir uniforms are these body hugging Polo-Ts and microfibre navy blue gym pants that accentuate every part of their physique. Chests, legs, arms, biceps, ass, hips, I could go on but that's not what I'm here to talk about.

The other day while descending in a packed elevator, it stopped by the gym floor to pick up this total hot stud on the way down. "Oh my god, wow!", I hear myself gasp internally as I blush like a teenager on the inside. Tall, well-built, blue eyes, chestnut brown hair and chiseled looks in work clothes after a shower and a shave from the gym. My heart skipped a couple of beats as I tried to digest the idea that this guy might actually not be as stunning as what I'm seeing. But deep down, I knew I was just deluding myself.

As the elevator continued its descent, I was in a complete zoned out mode and my eyes were just fixated on the strands of his still wet hair and the skin on his neck. What would a good loving make out with this fine specimen feel like?

My heart pounded increasingly with every whiff of his scent. I couldn't gauge too if I was the only one being affected by his presence, but the female-filled elevator was definitely charged with this inexplicable vibe that I swear wasn't even there before he stepped in. Somewhere between ground and basement, he disappeared through the doors.

Few days later during an upward commute to the office one morning, the hot stud unexpectedly walked into the same elevator that I was sharing with two other woman.
"Look, it's him!", whispered the giggling teenager from within. Pipe down!

He stood intimidatingly behind me in confidence and it drove me insane. This guy must be accustomed to looking good all the time. He must be used to getting all the attention and special privileges all the time. I wondered at that moment what it felt like to be in the shoes of somebody who have that kind of innate security and power.

His relaxed attire and amazing just-got-out-of-bed face suggests that waking up in the morning and going to the gym before work was his routine. I started fantasising about waking up beside him and sharing an apartment. We could have breakfast in bed or laze around on an island together. What would it feel like?

I didn't know which floor the two ladies were going to get off, but I was partially irritated with them for being in the elevator. Suddenly two stops before the gym level, they walked out and I was left to ride alone with the hot stud. Yes! Thank you God.

As the metallic doors slid shut, I took a couple of seconds and contemplated if saying something to him was really necessary to 'my life'? The answer was yes because I am somebody who prefers to savour my cocktail of regret over stones turned than stones unturned. Even if taking a glance at him was going to make me look desperate, but in the end there's still nothing to lose because my eyes would have enjoyed that two seconds of gratification.

I turned around to look at him and coincidentally, he looked up from his phone and into me. We gave each other a friendly smile and a nod in unbelievably good timing. Man, he's so cute. God.

"Morning work out?", I asked with a casual expression. "Oh yeah, just trying to get some exercise done", he replied like a natural conversationalist. 

Before I could go on, the lift doors opened to reveal the gym. "All the best", I said and he was well on his way. I spent the next minute smirking to myself like a kid and wondered if I will ever grow out of being this love sick boy. Engaging in a pointless two sentence exchange might come across as silly, but it was well worth my every breath and every accentuated heartbeat.

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