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Sunday, 26 February 2012

I Want a Sex Life

I previously mentioned that I live in a city of beautiful peopleThis is even more apparent during Saturday and Sunday afternoons, where the good-looking French guys come out to brunch and lunch with their friends and girlfriends. One of such fine specimen sat at a table next to us while I was having lunch with my current house mate and confidant. He was impeccably well dressed and amazingly cute. Being an absolute francophile, French guys are without a doubt my weakness. 

While discreetly checking him out, my mind starts to fantasize about kissing him and "getting to know him better". He reminds me of how much I actually crave for a sex life with cute guys. And even though I live in a city filled with them, my sex-life is just non-existent, nor am I even close to getting laid. Sadly my days in this city are numbered and as frustrating as it is, I just don't know how to pull French guys.

During lunch, I couldn't help but notice my friend's wandering eyes too, and found it amusing when it repeatedly lands the exact same guy. My house mate is a pretty girl and although a long term resident of this city of good-looking bachelors, has trouble finding a boyfriend.

In life, I can't help but feel secondary to attractive straight girls like her as the factual statistical probability of them getting laid and finding the guy of their dreams is much higher. Therefore if they too are having difficulties, what is going to happen to gay guys like me? These things often incite me to reflect on my fate in life, and wonder if I'm ever meant to find a guy to be with, or live a life of loneliness.

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