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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Blond or Brun?

I live in a city where beautiful people pass me by every single day. In my case, good-looking French guys. There isn't a day that goes by in this city where at least one guy wouldn't attract my eyes. 

Today while in the métro, I couldn't keep my glances off 2 cute guys, a blond and a brun who was equally attractive in their respective features. They were both very tall, good looking, and in addition, friends who stood next to each other. I personally can't handle the sight of an attractive straight guy, put two together and my heart starts to swirl uncontrollably.

While contemplating on which one I would love to kiss, I just couldn't decide if I was attracted to the blond or the brun. The only satisfactory conclusion I could think of was a threesome. Guess I'll need more time to sort out my preference.

The train arrives at a platform as I hear the announcement go: "Saint Placide... Saint Placide". As I walked out, I reflected deeply on my chances of ever finding a cute guy and how frustrating it is to be me, and to be gay in a straight man's world. But as usual, eye candies continue to remind me of how depressed I am.


  1. What's interesting is that I hate being gay in gay man's world more than gay in straight man's world? Because in that gay man's world, we are openly attracted to the same sex, and nothing still comes out...

    1. You've got a point there my friend. It's true, I feel the same way now.