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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Recognising Scarcity Mentality and Beliefs

I was first introduced to the concept of the scarcity mentality and our tendency as human beings to believe in scarcity about two years ago. Whereby if someone lives my dream or that if someone is successful, there won't be enough left for me, and I won't have mine.

That concept came along when I was trying to understand how to logically apply the Law of Attraction in life. Many of us tend to fail in our ability to ask for the things we want from the universe, is because deep down, there is a contradictory belief in scarcity. Whereby, we want to believe that the things we ask for will come, but at the back of our head, there is that voice of doubt and the willingness to believe in not having.

The following segment from a discussion on television was the light bulb moment which helped me understand my own tendency to believe in scarcity, whereby the things I want wouldn't manifest itself because a part of me is going: "Come on! Really?"

"You say that the universe has more than enough to give to everybody who asks. When you say it like that, people are like: 'Well I'm askin, I'm askin, I'm askin, but I'm not gettin it?' "

Law of Attraction Expert:
"Well people have a tendency to believe in lack, limitation and scarcity. They may say I want a beautiful life, a magnificent life full of love harmony and prosperity, but underneath there's a belief in scarcity."

"They believe in what I was saying earlier, if I can just make it to the end of the week."

Law of Attraction Expert:
"If I could make it to the end of the week, if I could just survive, if I could just make it. We live in a for lack of a better word, a multi-dimensional universe. Everything is energy, energy is never destroyed, never created, and it becomes exactly what you put your attention onAnd there is enough for everyone. "

"So with that awareness it eliminates competition, eliminates stealing, eliminates people plundering other people's stuff, it eliminates jealousy, envy, greed, because there is more than enough good on this planet for every single being."

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