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Monday, 21 July 2014

Night Walk Near the Football Field

In my neighbourhood, there is a very large private football field that belongs to the football club of a very well known multinational company in the country. Their employees and players often come here at night for after-dinner games and practices.

Tonight, as I was walking my dog in the area, I saw that the field was brightly lit and getting prepped for a casual game. Players and people involved were slowly arriving with their cars and motorcycles. 

Then as I turned a particular corner with my dog, I noticed a dark and amazingly athletic guy walking on the opposite side of the road towards the players' tent. As usual, I checked him out religiously like a gay high school student. Staring at him and trying to get some eye-contact, but unfortunately he was immune. Aw my straight athletic guys and their elitist attitudes. So confidently self-absorbed but yet so hot.

I passed by the players' tent and there were more hot guys getting ready in there. I stayed close and stole glances at the men while my dog roamed closely on his own. Some were shirtless, displaying sweaty, muscular and athletic physiques. And some looked good in their tight football jerseys and knee-high socks. It was a very attractive and hormonal-awakening sight. I felt the inner lascivious pervert jump out and overrode whatever mode I was in as it carried on staring, hungrily and surreptitiously like a gay high school student.

As I decided to leave, I spotted this cute good-looking guy walking towards the trailer in my direction. "Oh my god! Cute good-looking guy walking, one o'clock! The way he struts with a sports bag over his right shoulder and the confidence he displayed, it was out of this world and the package was very attractive to me.

He spotted my dog and smiled to it, keeping his eyes on my furry sibling as he continued to walk without acknowledging me. Yes, I have a very good-looking dog that often captures the attention of passersby.

"Come on baby, look at me. Look over here", the inner gay man in me plays the game. Still he didn't seem to want to take his eyes off my dog and acknowledge 'the owner'. Then just when I thought he was going to look at my direction, he looked away and disappeared into the tent without so much as giving me a look.

He knew I was there, damn! I left feeling a little rejected. It made me feel like I was the invisible boy from school all over again, bringing back emotions of unworthiness and not-being-good-enough.

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