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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Brief Fun In A Frosted Glass Cubicle

Two days ago, after my work out at another branch of my gym, I decided to check out their saunas again to see if this one has any potential cruising activities. My three-way shower at the home base gym last week has definitely reinstated my curiosity and sense of itch in matters pertaining to sauna affairs.

So as I entered the wet sauna, there was a man lying on the bench with his towel precariously draped over his groin. His eyes were serenely closed and the candidate didn't seem to be affected by my entrance. I couldn't gauge if he too was on "courtship display" or just purely enjoying the steam room.

Within five minutes, another shorter guy entered the wet sauna and adjusted his seating position in a way that it advertises conspicuously that he was up for grabs. However, I wasn't attracted to him so I remained still.

After about forty-five seconds, I adjourned to the vacant dry sauna next door where within minutes, the shorter guy came in too. So this back and forth between the wet and dry sauna went on for about fifteen minutes until I decided I no longer wanted to wait any longer for someone I like to turn up. Where are all the damn hot guys? Oh well, I guess sometimes you catch a fish, sometimes you don't.

The thing I've come to realise about cruising is how much time it consumes when you're not in luck, in the right place or at the right time. The constant waiting and anticipation to see if an attractive fish of your fancy happens to respond to your hook does consume a lot of time and energy which could otherwise be put to better use. 

So whenever I feel I've had enough with the waiting around, I would just head to a cubicle to shower and jerk myself off to get rid of the built-up sexual energy that has me thinking with my libido as opposed to my human mind. Whether it was the adrenaline, the sexually charged air, or the hormones after all the work out, this is the only effective plan I've devised in order to bring myself not to care about how much fun other guys could have, would have or will have. "Whatever happens in the sauna after you're freshly cleaned and showered up is no longer any of your business", I hear myself say.

I was showering in one of the end cubicles that bordered a solid wall on my left when coincidentally, someone entered the cubicle next to my right. The thin partition between us was heavily frosted glass, of which you can slightly see the shadow and movement of the other person. The twenty centimeter ground to ankle gap on partition allows you to see the reflective movement, shadow and gushing water emanating from your neighbour. In other words, the perfect bathroom design fit for cruising in an all male shower room.

Being the playful and curious person that I am, I thought if I noticed the ground, I'm sure my neighbour does too. So I casually placed my feet on the technically invisible frontier between our cubicles, with only one toe having invaded illegally into his part of the floor space, like one would do at a Franco-Belgian border within the European Union.

I tried it out of curiosity, and surprisingly my neighbour responded with his own foot. It didn't take long before our foot was rubbing and caressing off each other as an invitation. I bent down, put my hands between the gap and waved subtly for him to come over. Could he be that same guy from the sauna we weren't into?

I turned off my shower, unlocked my door and waited. As he swiftly glided into my cubicle, I noticed that he was indeed the same shorter guy in the wet sauna earlier that I wasn't attracted to. But I thought: "Oh well, we can't all get the fish we want all the time. A man's body is still a man's body, let's just try and enjoy the moment and the opportunity which has been presented to us."

So nothing much happened in the cubicle except for a couple of blowjobs, kissing and caressing under the running water. Within five minutes, I suggested for us to jerk to climax because I got bored and wanted to finish things off. I came and asked if he did, but he gave me some confusing signals for which I don't know if it's a yes or a no. After some minor cleaning up, I opened the door slightly and made sure the coast is clear before telling him it's safe to exit. He left and I continued showering, reflecting on what just happened and also brainstormed on more ideas as to what I can write on this journal to help more people.

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