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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sex Date With a Hot Pure Top | ❶

A masculine guy with an amazing body in his mid-thirties reached out to me on Jack'd last week. When I checked out his profile, it was obvious that he's a popular top who holds the upper hand in replying only those who interest him. The fact that he initiated the conversation, gave me a slight boost to my self image.

His topless profile picture was so hot that I had to jerk myself off to it twice. I told him I liked what I'm seeing. Eventually over a period of about 2 days, we started exchanging messages which led me to an invitation to visit him at his place. I was in one of those risk-taking moods where I would jump at a sex date so I agreed.

I cleaned myself thoroughly and drove almost 34 kilometres onto an unfamiliar suburb on a late rainy night. When I arrive, I found myself in a dodgy neighbourhood. His dilapidated apartment complex was perched halfway atop a hill. I parked my car outside and called him. It was raining and dark so he decided to pick me up in his vehicle from the security entrance to his block.

He conversed with me in one of our cultural languages and it felt weird. For I have only ever 'fucked in English' so to speak, and the part of my soul that spoke that language rose to the operating surface. It felt like a different person, watching it carry himself.

We appraised each other from the corner of our eyes as the brief conversation rolled. It wasn't until he was unlocking his apartment door that we actually got a clearer look at each other under the bright fluorescent porch light. Yeah, the guy's hot. He's sex on legs and I'm about to experience him.

As I entered his home, the sight of his meagre living condition was no foreign to my eyes. I remember thinking that even though my parents gave me better access to things, I wondered for a moment if I will ever one day experience greater wealth on my own, or possibly live his life if I failed to make the right choices.

I requested to use the bathroom and he instantly directed me to the one in his bedroom. I borrowed some of his toothpaste and made sure I freshened up and smelled good. As I stepped out, he laid shirtless on his bed, watching TV in a prone position that resembled a crawling soldier. The sight of his tensile biceps, shoulders and alabaster back brought out the sexual predator in me.

[ Reminder: Sexual Content Ahead ]

His eyes were still on the TV as I took off my pants, hung it up behind the bedroom door and dropped down next to him. We were so close that my breath was literally in direct contact with his left bicep and he turned his head to smile at me.

As soon as he lifted one arm over for a cuddle, my right fingers ran erotically up and down his smooth back as I pressed my lips onto his shoulder blade, inhaling the first waft of virile scent that drove me hungry.

He started to turn his body slowly to lie on his back, granting me full access to his front as I continued to brush my lips all over his broad Roman hero chest, alternating between nips and kisses. I explored and inhaled every valley and every plateau. As I reach back up to meet his face, he kissed me fiercely with tongue and I melted at the touch of his upper lip stubble. God...

I enclosed my mouth around his well defined nipples and suckled, swirling my tongue at the sensitive spot. He revelled in the sensation with closed eyes. His entire upper body was my favourite part, in particular both Pectoralis Majors, the central dip that divides them, and his abs. Slowly, he began to push my head lower and I knew what he wanted.

I teased the inner part of his thighs right up to his groin with my mouth, exhaling hot breaths and kissing along the way. He stirred with ecstasy. Within seconds, his pants came off and I was kissing the bulge on his brief, occasionally tugging hard on his underwear.

After a while, he couldn't bear the tease any longer and manually unleashed his tool. He was big and circumcised, both of which got me a little worried because firstly, I've never taken on someone of that size and secondly, as a circumcised man, he wouldn't understand my still overly sensitive uncircumcised tool.

I continued to linger on and breathed in the musky scent of his masculinity. What is it about well groomed men that smells so divine and addictive? I am in awe. I finally sucked on the helmet and took him into my mouth. He had one hand on my head, and the other in a scissor sign supporting the base of his shaft.

Gradually, he started to jerk in a forward motion, signalling for me to deep throat him. However, I still haven't hone that skill and there was only so much of him I can take. I had multiple gag-reflexes that showed up in my eyes as he kept his watch over me. What a loser!

Then, he flipped me over to lie on my back and took my penis into his mouth.
Oh? Was he trying to show me how it's done? He swirled his dexterous tongue against my bare helmet that was unsheathed from the foreskin. I squirmed at the direct friction and stimulation which felt like my penile head was being electrocuted with a high voltage socket. He told me to put my head back down and just relax, but I couldn't. Aaaah... Hah... Haa-Argh! 

He asked if I was going to come. I explained my predicament and he looked at me with questionable confusion. After failing to find pleasure in his mouth, he suggested that we start to fuck. I said:
"Okay let's do that then".

He shot me a playful grin as he replied: "Already? It's still kinda early. How many times were you planning on letting me fuck you tonight?"

I blushed at the question, then tried to hide my awkward smile as I answered: "Er... Let's just see how the first round goes first all right?"

As he commanded me in the 
Folded Deck Chair position, my heart pounded with absolute vulnerability. It felt weird to truly take on such a passive role as a bottom with my legs on his shoulders. I was having a zone out moment in my head.

He reached for a bottle of lube from his side table and a packet of condom from a box. I watch him closely as he slick his fingers then proceeded to tear the foil packet. For some reason, I thought it'd be cool if I helped him roll on the condom, but he rejected my offer and told me to lie back down.

I felt a huge squirt of lube on my anus and loved the cold sensation. He uttered for me to relax as he smeared it around before pushing a finger in, followed by another. I certainly "felt" the invasion but tried not to let it bother me and just "relaxed" as he advised.

Then without warning, he pushed forward and I felt my perineum stretched instantly in pain. I clamped my teeth and tried to take it in my stride. He saw my reaction and asked what's wrong. I said it hurt and he pulled it out and tried again after a few seconds. "Signal again if it hurts okay?", he responded.

Ow, ow, ow, OW! Shi-t... God it huuurts! It felt like I was being ripped apart from the bottom. Although I didn't scream, but the pain was splattered all over my tormented face as he entered. I was surviving on intermittent breaths. As he tried to push more of himself in by thrusting forward, I told him to stop because it hurt. I didn't know what was the problem myself. Was he too big or am I not used to being fucked?

He took a good suspicious look at me and asked: "Why do you seem so 'rusty' in your sex skills?" I'm guessing he's also referring to my lack of ability to deep-throat with that comment. I told him I haven't been with another guy for a while. It was a lame excuse on my part to deter him from probing further. As I regain my readiness to try again, I told him to go ahead.

[ To Be Continued... Sex Date With a Hot Pure Top | ❷ ]


  1. oh god. pls don't leave me hanging .

    1. lol... The post is too long, therefore I needed to break it up into 2 parts. Will publish it soon.