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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Hot Spartan With A Silver Watch

For the past few weeks, I've been having quite a bit of fun at my gym sauna. Not too much if your head is already picturing an over-indulgent me in steam rooms, but just lucky enough if I am to paint a realistic picture of what happens to your average guy.

Having said that, I would also like to voice out that there were many times too when my cruise is unsuccessful due to rejection, "slow thinking men" or unfavourable market times. I would sit around and cruise for an hour, but yet I end up finishing myself off alone in the shower cubicle.

Cruising is equivalent to the art of fishing. Sometimes a fisherman goes to the watering hole and gets no fish. On some days, he gets a good fish, an attractive fish, one that he fancies and likes. Other days, he might have to sit patiently and wait for a long time before statistics, timing and market winds swing in his favour to give him the catch of the day, even if that particular catch might not necessarily be an ideal but doable one.

I know my posts these days seem to revolve around nothing but cruising at the gym. I understand that my journey and what constitutes my purpose of this journal is much bigger than these things, however I can't help but feel that even just by writing these little experiences down no matter how insignificant, could effectively help younger or inexperienced guys all over the world with their own journey.

When I first started out, there was no blog or resource that could offer me what I wanted written. There was no diary, no recount, no step by step guide to take me on a journey and to guide me on what to do, what are things to look out for, or what happens to one when one finds his way around sex and the gay world. I was as good as a clueless duckling. So here I am, doing it for the many people who are starting out.

Last month during one of my post work out sessions, I was just getting ready to enter the dry steam room when I caught sight of this hot 'sex on a stick' walk past me in the shower hallway. Although details of his face weren't exactly clear, but I knew immediately that I liked what I saw. My reptile instincts were immediately heightened and the siren in my mind blaring: "Hot guy. Hot guy. Hot guy!"

The tanned spartan with the fitness magazine worthy body in his forties was incredibly seasoned meat. He was wearing a silver watch on that arousing left wrist of his. Professionally, I could picture him in a suit, seated in some high profile board of directors meeting. For leisure, he works out and loves having fun. Particularly with easy plentiful young choices like me that just get magnetized toward his sex appeal and powerful love spell.

As usual, out of not wanting to be disappointed by the thought that this hot man is attainable, I gave into the old habit of marking him as straight and out of my league. 

"Don't you think it's ludicrous to think that he is even remotely into fun with guys when I'm sure that he is surrounded by women on a regular basis and that he can take any one of them he wants to bed?"

I carried on about my business, moving around alternatively between the dry and wet steam rooms, but still, I couldn't get the image of his body out of my mind. Then while at the dry sauna, I had the surprised honour of having him park himself next to me due to the lack of space in the cramped room.

It was heaven and torture. His towel was neatly draped over his crotch. His tanned back and biceps were filled with droplets of water, a combination of sauna steam and his manly sweat. God, I was sold to his hormones, pheromones, whatever. The silver watch on his forearm was also turning me on.

I can't explain it, but I want to make love to this man. Yes you heard me, make love. He oozes male attractiveness in every way. "
Oh what the hell! These kind of opportunities are hard to come by. Hot guy next to you?", I head myself say.

I decided to take a chance and stuck my toe out to subtly brush against his. With great surprising consolation in my heart, the man reciprocated and my blood soared to stratospheric heights on the inside. Jack fucking pot! The fact that there were other men in the sauna and I can't give into my desires was the part that drove me crazy.

He opened his towel slightly to reveal his beautiful uncircumcised penis waiting to be stroked. He's teasing us. Fuck! The sight of him naked with just that manly silver watch on his left wrist drove me wild. I repeated the same action by exposing my crotch to communicate his intention. I waited for the perfect timing when no one was around before I made my move. 

As soon as the last guy left, I knew I only had a few seconds or a minute max to communicate what I hoped would happen between us before the next intruder comes in. So I leaned into his right shoulder, caressed his thigh and inhaled his scent before planting a needy seductive kiss on his water droplet filled bicep. Christ, I could worship and devour it for dinner.

He reciprocated, lowered his head to kiss my forehead and our faces met. His masculine breath was intoxicating and we made out. It was ecstasy. As we kissed, I never took my eyes off the glass door for fear of someone entering unexpectedly.

The water droplets at the back of his shoulder blade was too distracting underneath the dimly lit space. So I kissed and ran my tongue and fingers all over them. God he tasted so good. It came to a point where I don't even know if it was meant to turn him on or turn me on because I was having the time of my life.

After fiddling with each other's penis' for a while, another man suddenly enters the room and all shenanigans had to come to a complete halt. I tried getting him to come out with me so that we can both enjoy the proper privacy offered by a shower cubicle but he seemed reluctant. 

So I had to lure him to the wet sauna where the steam could provide us with some extra cover while I bought more time into convincing him to take a shower with me. In there, we continued to touch, feel and kiss each other until in comes another guy who crashed our fun. Although I recognised the newcomer as another cruiser I wasn't interested in, but still I didn't feel comfortable doing things in front of him.

However Mr. Hot Spartan With A Silver Watch didn't seem to mind that another cruiser was in the sauna and continued to touch and kiss me openly in front of the other guy. Sheesh, I know what the other guy is but can we at least do it in privacy? This isn't some free circus show.

I decided to walk out in hopes that he will follow me to a shower cubicle. I can't remember much, but I remember thinking to myself that I hope I didn't regret taking the stupid risk of walking out of my hot guy. We could have lost him already.

It took a while as he was being difficult in his dilly-dallying, but finally I managed to get him to enter my shower cubicle at the end of the corridor. I was a very very happy man. With our towels hung up, I could now enjoy him fully and completely in the comfort and privacy of an enclosed space. The lighting accentuated his six pack abs, military general guns and hoplite chest.

In there, we touched, made out and blew each other good under the running water. Deep throating him never felt so hot. His uncircumcised penis was a beautiful one, and just like mine, I played with his foreskin to my heart's desire. However I had to be extra careful as their helmets are overly-sensitive.

His kisses and caressing techniques were very arousing, especially with that silver watch on his masculine wrist. Every time he hugs me and pushes me close to him, I feel so wanted by my man. Christ, this man must be an excellent lover in bed! I'm so jealous of his wife, his sex partners, his boyfriend, whatever.

In the end, he ejaculated in my mouth and indulged me after in my own release by embracing me hard under the showers as I rode out my own orgasm. As we cleaned ourselves up, we couldn't stop smiling at each other. I contemplated asking for his number in hopes of taking this encounter beyond these walls, but wanted to respect the whole anonymity policy of what happens in the sauna, stays in the sauna so I didn't.

As he was about to leave, I squeezed his bicep and gave a few pats as a sign of thanks. He reciprocated by squeezing me back and before he left, I whispered into his ear: "Thank you. Nice body, nice dick by the way." He grinned and pulled my face towards his lips for a playful kiss. "You too", was his reply and he left.

While showering on my own, I replayed the entire scene in my head and jerked myself to orgasm for the second time. I silently thanked the universe for letting such a hot guy play with me. For I am pretty sure that in the real world outside these walls, he would have been out of my league.

After that first encounter, I never saw or bumped into him for a long time. However I often fantasise about him. So much so that I sometimes have to jerk myself off to that particular shower memory of us together. 

A few days ago I bumped into him, once outside the gym area where our shoulders physically knocked against one another while walking past, the second time in the wet sauna where he was wearing the same silver watch. Remembering how nice it was to have fun with him, he was right at the top of my agenda. The moment we were alone, I immediately parked myself shamelessly next to him and rubbed my leg up against his. Whether or not if he recognizes me as the guy from the first time, I have no idea. But what I knew for sure was that we were fiddling and teasing each other with our toes. God, that was fun but frustrating. 

Sometimes his toes are on top of mine, sometimes mine on top of his. My favourite part is when he lightly presses his feet above mine with firm pressure and seduction. The feeling of being dominated, or having his weight on top of me was sending arousing electricity all the way to my growing erection. I invited him again to go to a shower cubicle but he chuckled and shook his head as he looked into his watch. 

Damn, why is he being difficult again. Does it turn him on more if we played in the sauna with the possibility of being caught? Is that what it is? Or is he afraid that someone would see the two of us entering the same shower cubicle? What's his deal? 

After a while, he left to take a proper shower and I gave up my pursuit. As I wandered back out to the locker room to check my phone, I saw him on the other locker section dressed immaculately in a green shirt and khakis after his shower, packing his bag.

I paced back and forth in my locker section wrapped in my wet towel, contemplating if I am in anyway in a position to ask him for his contact. I really would like for us to be in touch so that we might be able to take this further, even if it's purely sexual or discreet.

After much doubt and before he leaves, I quickly made a decision in my head that I am tired of waiting around and would like to be the active guy with balls. I will not be the person who just sits around waiting for some business deal or someone to notice me when I would have made a psychological impression just by walking up to him. Even if things don't work out, the image of me walking up to him will be seared into his memory.

So in the presence of another nice-looking gay gym member whom I've been trying to cruise but have snubbed me contemptuously for weeks occupying the locker next to my target, I shamelessly walked up to my man and said hi. The entire exchange was kinda weird because I've never actually had a proper conversation with this man, other than what was whispered in the shower cubicle.

    "Hey, haven't seen you around for a while."
    "Yeah, I've got a meeting. I gotta go," he said while packing his things.
    "Can I get your number?" I said quietly with a smirk.

There was a ludicrous smile on his face which seemed to suggest either he is entertained by my courage to walk up to him and pull this off, or laughing at me on the inside, thinking who does this naive guy think he is to ask me for my number?'

    "Nah. I've got a meeting now. Maybe next time," he says.
    "Okay," I smiled and gracefully walked back towards the shower halls, knowing full well that that will not be the last I'll see of him. Of course the other gay gym member who snubs me saw the whole thing along with my walk of shame and rejection.

But you know what, I didn't care, not one bit. Because the fulfillment and happiness in my heart for having taken a risk overwhelms whatever bruised ego one might experience. I was very proud of myself for being a man about the whole thing, a man who is not afraid to take risks and who is not afraid to ask and move on.


That was supposed to be the end of the story, however a few days later while working out near the dumbbell area, the nice-looking gay guy who snubs me was also seen doing his training alone. His existence didn't affect me at all, until suddenlythe hot spartan with the silver watch just appeared out of no where, and was seen chatting with the nice-looking gay guy. In fact, they were working out together like new gym acquaintances. 

Initially I avoided all forms of eye-contact and acknowledgement with my man because after my courageous approach with him the other day in the locker room, I didn't want to come on as somebody desperate. So I decided to leave him alone. 

But later on it sunk in that I'm actually feeling embarrassed and am staying clear of the area because I felt awkward. 

Jesus. Since when do they talk to each other?! Am I missing something? Did something happen when I was not around? Or perhaps something in between that I didn't get a notice? Damn it, I shouldn't have walked up to him and asked him for his number in front of the other guy!

I don't know why, but all of a sudden, I was anxious and could no longer focus on my work out. I was heavily affected and felt very conscious of myself. Perhaps I am shy and embarrassed that the hot spartan I desire is now seen to have formed some sort of new relationship with the guy who snubs me? On one hand, I know it's jealousy, but on the other, I can't really put my finger on why exactly am I feeling hurt over a social situation that just happen to happen?

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